School police officer fired after student’s arm broken

ALBANY — A police officer of the Dougherty County School System Police with an “exemplary” record has been fired following accusations of “roughing” up a student and breaking his arm, school officials say.

David Mosely, interim superintendent of Dougherty County schools, said Warren Favors is accused of manhandling a student and breaking his arm. The incident took place Friday at the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center on Highland Avenue, Mosely said.

“I understand (the arm) was broken in two places,” Mosely said. “I’m not sure how that happened, except maybe when the handcuffs were on the student and his arms were lifted up.”

Favors’ account of the altercation, according to Mosely, was that the student spoke to the officer in an extremely rude and threatening manner, causing Favors to lose his temper and respond in an “unprofessional way.”

“It was a very bad scene,” Mosely said, “with both participants in the wrong.”

Mosely said that while the student’s history is filled with disciplinary issues, Favors’ actions were inexcusable.

Favors was dismissed during a meeting of the Dougherty County School Board Monday, Mosely said. According to Mosely, the case has been turned over to Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards, where the former officer or the student may face charges.