JOHN BRYANT: Games are still playing in the United States

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Olympics have been completed, but Americans still try for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I can’t say that I know of anyone that begrudges affordable health care to the citizens of America. The only things that they complain about are the fraud and the mandatory compliance. people that are able to work, but don’t, and then reap the benefits of the system are a big part of the problem.

The Olympics might be over in Russia, but here in America they are alive — but not well. I am talking about the ACA (or aka, Obamacare). According to the article March 6, there are four separate plans to compete for … if you are eligible.

OK< to compete you have to know what best suits your needs, budget and abilities. If you want the platinum or the gold or the silver, or finally the bronze, you must compete with the young and the old.

If you compete and don’t win anything, your government will still take “care” of you.