WARREN D. GRANT: Delays in Savannah port project are costing Georgia jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dredging has been approved, so why the hold up?

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

What did Georgia do to upset the White House? When I picked up Wednesday’s newspaper, I found a nefarious odor drifting from within the little plastic protection bag it was in. Curious as to what it could be, I quickly scanned the front section and there it was, on page 11A.

This article was so full of it, I’m surprised that the paper was even delivered. The state’s most important port, at Savannah, is starting to sound like the Christie bridgegate. The widening and deepening of the port is being held up, which is vital to the state and to the port. This is our government at work and at its best.

The OMB director, Sylvia Burwell, made a statement, “Consistent with longstanding practice that ensures strong stewardship of taxpayer dollars, the executive branch requires congressional authorization of corps projects prior to beginning construction.” You could fertilize all of Georgia with this kind of bull.

When and where did this administration ever once show “strong stewardship of taxpayer dollars”? Could it have been on one of his many dozen vacations aboard Air Force One? She goes on to mention “shared goals of fiscal responsibility.” And further, she speaks of not creating “special exceptions that could undermine well-established controls.” Just what country or government is she talking about, North Korea?

The dredging has already been approved, so why the delay? There is some punishment being meted out to Georgia, as I can see some golf course deal having been made on this decision. I abhor child molestation, but raping the entire state of Georgia is even worse.