JOHN BRYANT: Federal spending numbers can be confusing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dollar for dollar, President Obama has outspent President Bush

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

If everyone is as confused as I am, it’s no wonder that it’s a small world. In a big world, Bush spent $5 trillion in eight years, and Obama spent $6.5 trillion in 5.5 years. According to Mr. Wallace’s article (“Gates’ book disservice to Obama,” Jan. 16), Bush spent $3 trillion on the war in Iraq. Mr. John didn’t comment on Obama’s housing bubble, Cash for clunkers, various buyouts and taxpayer money for every public assistance program under the sun.

The term “a good leader” is one who sets an example. Here’s a few examples. Obama is executive of automobile companies, banks and, now, insurance companies. he is commander-in-chief of American health care. Mr. Obama is probably the best organizer of people that the world has ever seen.

Mr. Bush is probably the smartest man in the world, though, because he realized that the brain of a terrorist is and always will be a weapon of mass destruction. Ask any president … other than Obama.