Kiwanians sponsor art show for 34th year

Winning artwork on exhibit at Albany Museum of Art

ALBANY — With Spring comes the annual season of art displays and competition, courtesy of the Kiwanis Club of Dougherty County and students and teachers in art programs at public and private schools in Dougherty and Lee counties.

This marks the 34th year the Kiwanis Club of Dougherty has sponsored the local Student Art Contest.

Public events kicked off the awards ceremony on March 16, at the Albany Museum of Art. Overall first-, second-, and third-place winners were announced in “Best of Show”. They were: first place, Emily McPeters, Deerfield-Windsor School, for her mixed-media piece entitled “Kindred Spirits”; second place, Hannah Harper, Westover High School, for a mixed-media entry entitled “Die First”; and third place, Emily McPeters, for a mixed-media piece entitled “Smoker’s Death”.

Other winners in the competition were:

Sixth Grade: 1st place, Malik Wade, Albany Middle School; 2nd place, Tyler Jenkins, Albany Middle School; 3rd place, Jimmy Jones, Albany Middle School; Honorable Mentions, Avery Eakes, Deerfield-Windsor School; Chloe Brown, Deerfield-Windsor School; and Aja Walker, Robert Cross Middle School.

Seventh Grade: 1st place, Carlton Grubb, Deerfield-Windsor School; 2nd place, Rebekah Wood, Lee County Middle School; 3rd place, Anthony Anderson, Albany Middle School; Honorable Mentions, Sean Stafford, Albany Middle School; Morgan Rhodes, Albany Middle School; Chandler Newman, Deerfield-Windsor School; and Brooks Custer, Deerfield-Windsor School.

Eighth Grade: 1st place, Lavosky Warren, Albany Middle School; 2nd place, Albert Mumphery, Albany Middle School; 3rd place, Alexandria Michas, Deerfield-Windsor School; Honorable Mentions, Diamonte McFarlans, Albany Middle School; Ladaisha Cogdell, Albany Middle School; and Jordan Jones, Albany Middle School.

Ninth Grade: 1st place, Maggie Ricks, Deerfield-Windsor School; 2nd place, Khalil Brown, Dougherty High School; 3rd place, Eshuntavious Sumbry, Dougherty High School; Honorable Mention, Khalil Brown, Dougherty High School.

Tenth Grade: 1st place, Delaney Smith, Westover High School; 2nd place, Helena Augenstein, Deerfield-Windsor School; 3rd place, Hadden Kelley, Deerfield-Windsor School; Honorable Mentions, Hadden Kelley, Deerfield-Windsor School; Helena Augenstein, Deerfield-Windsor School; and Hadden Kelley, Deerfield-Windsor School.

Eleventh Grade: 1st place, Cheyenne Brown, Lee County High School; 2nd place, Mallory Sammons, Deerfield-Windsor School; 3rd place, Meghan Hogan, Lee County High School; Honorable Mentions, Brittany Mitchell, Westover High School; Mallory Sammons, Deerfield-Windsor School; and Vycountess Wright, Westover High School.

12th Grade: 1st place, Hannah Harper, Westover High School; 2nd place, Emily McPeters, Deerfield-Windsor School; 3rd place, Hannah Harper, Westover High School; and Honorable Mention, Anicesa Fudge, Westover High School.

All winning artwork will remain on exhibit in the newly-renovated Willson Auditorium at the art museum until mid-April. Following that, elementary artwork will go on display in the Sears wing at Albany Mall for two weeks, followed by a two-week exhibition of middle and high school entries.

A reception for the elementary art exhibitors hosted by the mall management is slated for Friday, April 11, from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Sears wing.

First place in each grade level and the “Best in Show” artwork will be taken to Carrollton on April 26, where the entries will vie in competition at the Kiwanis District of Georgia Art & Music Showcase.

The Kiwanis Club of Dougherty County co-chairpersons for this year’s contest and exhibitions are Kristin Caso and Kevin Armstrong.