Planned Regional Youth Detention Center in Terrell County gets state funding

The $12.27 million facility will replace a 46-year-old Regional YDC in Albany

State Rep. Gerald Greene, R-Cuthbert

State Rep. Gerald Greene, R-Cuthbert

ATLANTA –The planned Regional Youth Detention Center in Terrell County will receive $12.27 million in funding from the state government, state Rep. Gerald Greene, R-Cuthbert, announced Monday.

The spending was included in the Fiscal Year 2015 state spending plan that takes effect July 1.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Southwest Georgia legislative delegation, the members of the Appropriations Committee, Governor Deal and the State Department of Juvenile Justice for working on this project and including this funding in the state budget,” said Greene, who represents House District 151. “Public safety of the citizens of Terrell County is always a top priority and this new facility will ensure that we continue to look after the best interest of our youth.”

The funding will go toward renovation and improvements to convert a former Department of Corrections facility into a Regional YDC in Terrell County. The former DOC facility will be converted to handle medical and intake, administration spaces, dining, vocational, educational and programming requirements for youth detention.

Once completed, the facility will accommodate secure housing for juvenile offenders and will be able to house both boys and girls. This facility has been a top priority for the Department of Juvenile Justice and will replace a 30-bed Regional YDC in Albany that was built in 1967.

Regional YDCs provide temporary, secure care and supervision to youth who have been charged with offenses and are awaiting placement. In addition, youth who have been committed to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice are sometimes placed in a Regional YDC while awaiting treatment in a community program or a long-term facility.