Police report numerous shootings

ALBANY — Officials of the Albany Police Department have confirmed several shootings on Monday and Tuesday, which they believe may be gang related.

Phyllis Banks, spokeswoman for the APD, said all the incidents involved shots fired at individuals or into private residences.

Around 11 p.m Monday, officers of the APD were dispatched to 529 Cochran Ave., where Martha Price-Huewet, 51, said she’d heard shots and the sound of something striking one of her windows. She told police she had also seen flames around the window. Officers noticed fire damage to the window, as well as the smell of gasoline and an unknown container lying on Huewet’s driveway, officials said. The unknown object was suspected to be a “Molotov cocktail,” or incendiary device, officials said. A report by the Albany Fire Department said firefighters were dispatched to extinguish a slight flame on the wick of the unknown device.

In another incident, officers of the APD were dispatched to Club Vibe, 5882 Flint Ave. at 2:12 a.m. on Tuesday, officials say, where a black male identified as Tevin Scott, 19, had been shot during an altercation. According to police, Scott was transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for treatment. His condition has not been disclosed.

Also on Monday at 10:22 p.m., Adrianna Boone, 20, and Melissa Boone, 47, were in their home on the 500 block of Willard Avenue when they heard gunshots fired, police officials say. Glass was shattered and bullet holes were discovered, but no injures were reported, officials say.

In a fourth incident on Tuesday, Carolyn Luke, 46, told APD officers that around 2 a.m. shots were fired into her home on the 2000 block of South Madison Street. Police say Luke told them the shots traveled through the home, striking objects inside. No one was injured.