WALT SPECHT: America should be worlds top manufacturer

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The rules favor foreign producers who do not have to abide by the restrictions imposed on U.S. manufacturers

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

What is it? That appears to be in most voters thoughts lately, plus politicians seem to have the same mind set. “What is in it for me and mine?”

No one seems to ask what is in it for my country and the overall good. Remember an individual named Kennedy? “Ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country.” Now, he may not have meant that to apply to him and his, but it was a good thought.

Somehow, this country has got to find a means of employing all within this country that are capable of working, without the government supplying the funds. How do we employ the unskilled and long-term unemployed when we regulate our home industries so they cannot afford to hire while we give a free pass to imports from countries that do not play by the same rules? Kind of self defeating isn’t it?

Remember when Wal-Mart bragged about American made? Now they cannot find the variety of products, at costs they are willing to pay, to maintain that now-defunct program. They purchase from overseas to get the product at the lowest price.

It is absolutely ridiculous that another country can sell goods, and ship them all this way, at a price we cannot match. We allow it because we are fools.

Go back to Americans manufacturing the best quality to control a market share instead of shipping jobs overseas and bringing the product back.