Milledge takes aim at school board District 6 seat

Former teacher, administrator says experience makes her best qualified for the job

Princess Milledge

Princess Milledge

ALBANY — With more than 35 years of experience as a teacher and school administrator, Princess Milledge thinks she has the resume to become the next Dougherty County School Board member from Ward 6.

Milledge, Shirlette Davis-Marcus and Dean Phinazee will square off in the May 20 Democratic primary and are vying for the seat being vacated by Darrel Ealum, who is running for the state House of Representatives.

“I am qualified for the school board because of my experience as a teacher and administrator,” Milledge said. “I think all students have the right to free, quality public education. I have a deep understanding of how the system works and I also have the time to make the commitment to students and their parents. I have the time to visit the schools and I want to act for all of the Dougherty County School system, and not just Ward 6.

Milledge says the district has may fine programs in place. She would like to see those programs enhanced.

“Monroe has one of the best engineering programs this side of Macon, Westover has one the best medical arts programs, Albany High has one of the best law enforcement programs and Dougherty has one of the best performing arts programs, but the trouble is no one has ever heard of them,” Milledge said.”We can build on these programs, we can build on the strengths we have to make this system better.”

She added that more work needed to be done to keep students in the DCSS.

“We have students in our community who are going to other school systems and some parents home-school. We need those students back in the system,” Milledge said. “Quite frankly, we need that (FTE) money and we need to keep it in the system. (DCSS Superintendent Butch Mosely) has done a good job with our finances and he’s done a great job of lifting morale in the system.”

Milledge says she has a vision for the district.

“I have the education and experience needed to be a great member of the board of education,” she said. “My vision is to have fantastic principals, assistant principals and highly-qualified teachers in each and every one of your schools. I want to make the east side of Albany a community that is supportive of education. I want to make sure our schools are safe, well-maintained and conductive to learning. We need to make sure our students follow the rule of discipline in our classrooms.

“Discipline is crucial to quality education in our schools.”