WARREN D. GRANT: Ax slices both ways on columnists

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Less opinion and more facts are needed

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I have a two-sided ax to grind. The first side is with Mr. Dionne and his gun article. I wonder if Mr. Dionne is hoping and praying that someone will get shot in a bar or church so that he can shout, “Hallelujah, I was right.” I didn’t search the web, but I seem to remember that people have already been shot in bars and also in a church. Just because the law was enacted, doesn’t mean you have to carry and gun in those places.

Anyone who takes any of his drivel serious has a problem. Here’s the rub — criminals don’t follow the law. That’s why they’re criminals. In Chicago, there were 413 homicides as of Dec. 30, New York. had 333, and 103 for D.C., and all of these cities have a ban on gun possession.

Why do all these ban-gun nuts seem to think that the gun is the problem? Without human intervention, a gun is nothing more than an object like a pencil, light bulb or Bible. Why do they constantly want to take the guns away, but do not want to get at the root problem, and that is people with problems? Every homicide with a weapon — be it a gun, knife, poison, plastic spoon, club, or fence post — requires human intervention. Plain and simple.

The other side of the ax is Kathleen Parker. I put her in the same class as Mr. Dionne with very little substantive information relevant to any common sense. When she and many other journalists can’t find anything to write about, they write about racism. She jumped on the Bundy bandwagon, as did many TV personalities.

I’m not saying Bundy or any of these other people are not racist but why give them the time of day? Those people need help and they’re probably not going to get it, so move on. Name-calling and all other forms of racist remarks like the ones from the NBA Clippers owner only show their level of intelligence or lack thereof. Just write these people off as losers and move on.