Albany fire began with gasoline in kitchen

Measurement of gasoline leads to Albany fire

ALBANY — At least two people — a firefighter and two residents — were injured in a fire at 1641 Sunny Lane on Tuesday, fire officials say.

Sam Harris, inspector with the Albany Fire Department, said the fire began around 1:30 a.m. in the kitchen of the residence when an unidentified man measured gasoline to put in his car. According to Harris, the man’s hands became wet with gasoline and when he flicked some drops near the open flame of a gas stove the gasoline ignited.

Harris said that Myrtice Pullins, who was in the kitchen when the fire began, was burned severely and transported to the burn center in Augusta. The unidentified man may have suffered minor smoke inhalation, Harris said.

Josh Howe, a firefighter, was slightly injured when a back porch ceiling board fell against his left elbow, a report by the AFD stated.

According to the AFD, the fire was under control in just over two hours, with total estimated property loss of $23,000.