Animal Control unit currently providing limited assistance

Quarantine resulting from distemper outbreak restricts assistance to animal-related calls

ALBANY — Officials with the Albany Police Department announced that, for the time being, circumstances are forcing officials to provided limited animal control services.

The APD Animal Control Unit officials say they will be able to assist with animal-related calls on a limited basis due to a quarantine currently in place at the Albany Humane Society. Officials say the unit will respond to all calls, but they are restricted to transporting on an emergency basis only due to limited space.

The quarantine was issued after two confirmed cases of distemper were identified at the Humane Society in late April. Donna Strickland, executive director of the Humane Society, said efforts were being taken to sanitize the area Animal Control uses so that the unit can start utilizing the space again.

In the meantime, all the animals have been moved into one space until the quarantine is lifted by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which is expected to be no later than Monday, Strickland said. Every dog has been put on medication and holding pens have been set up outdoors to accommodate the emergency need. New animals cannot be taken in and the Humane Society cannot adopt out, except for cats, until it is able to resume new operations.

“Our goal is to try to save these animals, and so far we are on the right track,” Strickland said

She also said that, since the condition is airborne, the public is currently not allowed through the premises to prevent exposure of distemper to other animals. There have no new confirmed cases identified.

Those seeking additional information on the unit’s current limitation of services can call (229) 430-3938.