NADINE M. MATHIS: Parents should raise children, not schoolteachers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Proper training and love at home will have a child ready to learn at school

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Parents should give children “jobs” around the house after school hours, such as cleaning yards, bringing in wood, cleaning a room. Show them how to take out garbage, etc. and pay them $10 per week — no more. This give the child an incentive of how things work.

Also, parents should tell children about car payments, the house mortgage, insurance, rent or whatever and let the child know it does take money to keep the bills paid. A child should be taught cleanliness of body, hair, to bathe and take care of the body. Food should be given to the child before sending him/her to school. All of the above is not for schoolteachers to see after. Parents who send children to school should be alert to help the child do all of these things.

I say of parents who send children to school in disarray should pay a fine for not helping the child to be ready, clean and to be a good pupil. everything must start at home. Schools don’t have time to raise your child daily.

I say also that teachers who perform sex in schools should be fired and an ankle bracelet put on them because they should no longer be on any school grounds. These people need to be “outlaws” looking in. Education does not have sex involved, period.

Parents should love, hug and teach a child to know our God, heavenly father, looks down and wants to best for each and every one. God is love to you, my child. He knows and he does care for you.