Leesburg author to have book-signing for her latest novel

Raven H. Price will sign copies of The Conversion, her second novel, at Life Christian International

Albany native and current Leesburg resident Raven H. Price will be signing copies of her current novel, “The Conversion,” 1 p.m.-4 p.m. May 24 at Life Christian International on Stuart Avenue in Albany. (Special photo)

Albany native and current Leesburg resident Raven H. Price will be signing copies of her current novel, “The Conversion,” 1 p.m.-4 p.m. May 24 at Life Christian International on Stuart Avenue in Albany. (Special photo)


The second novel by Leesburg resident Raven H. Price, “The Conversion,” is the first part of a planned trilogy about ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of God. (Special photo)

ALBANY — After undergoing a “conversion” of her own to become a writer, Raven H. Price, of Leesburg, will be signing copies of her books next week at Life Christian International in Albany.

On the heels of the release of “The Conversion,” the first book in her planned trilogy, Price is kicking off a publicity campaign and book-signing tour at Life Christian International, where Pastor Stan Glass says she has been a member for almost 18 years.

“She’s been with us about since we got started,” said Glass. “She is so gifted at everything she tries. Writing is probably something she was born to do. We’re very happy to support this and everything she does. She is a big part of us.”

While Glass is convinced Price was likely born to write, the author herself is more surprised to be embarking a new career as she nears 60.

“I had no desire to ever write,” Price said. “It never crossed my mind. I was never a writer and I wasn’t a good English student.”

Despite that, Price, much like Hope Anderson, the main character in “The Conversion,” found strength in her faith and simply began to write down the things that mattered most to her.

Price said her first foray into writing came after reading a book that was popular with teenage girls she ran into at church and seeing Jesus in its main character, a vampire. That led Price to pen her first work, “The Plan,” and things took off from there.

“I wrote it and it’s just become a hit,” said Price. “It’s really been amazing for me. It’s a God-led thing.”

Price, who still works full-time for the state of Georgia, followed up the success of “The Plan” by starting work on a fantasy trilogy about the power of God after watching the hit superhero movie Marvel’s “The Avengers.”

Price said that she’s a fan of superhero movies as entertainment, but always felt, after watching the main characters’ struggle with evil forces, somewhat unfulfilled in that ordinary people couldn’t do what the super-powered characters did.

“I notice a lot of entertainment in the world today is about good and evil, but I don’t see any hope,” said Price. “I started generated books that would give people hope.”

“The Conversion” is a fantasy novel that centers upon Hope Anderson, who has had a hard life and comes somewhat reluctantly to God for help. Upon asking for help, Anderson is granted special powers by God that allow her to not only face her own demons, but to help others.

Through this process, the character learns to love herself and others and to forgive — things that Price feels are important to everyone and that can be learned with God’s help.

“God wants us all to have hope,” said Price. “God wants us to have that in our lives.”

“The Conversion” is currently available through Tate Publishing and can be purchased through Price’s website ravenhprice.tateauthor.com.

Price said her plan is to retire at the end of June and head out on a national tour while waiting for the second book in her trilogy, which she’s just about finished, to be published.

She expects that work to hit book stands early next year while she is working on the final piece of the series.

“I’m having a ball with this,” said Price. “When I finish the series, I’m not stopping. I’m starting a new career. God has blessed me to be able to do this and send help from others to make this happen, so I’m just going to keep writing. It’s amazing how God has been working this out”

Price’s coming book signing in Albany is scheduled for 1 p.m.-4 p.m. May 24 at Life Christian International, 1211 Stuart Ave.