HENRY M. BROWN: Why voters need to go to the polls

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If you do not vote, you have no right to complain

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

As a citizen of Albany, Dougherty County and an American, I could not hold my peace any longer. Let me begin by saying how important it is that every one of us get out and vote. This is serious business. You and I have got to vote.

These folks are not studying you or me. If they are against raising the minimum wage, are they studying you? If they are against affordable health care, are they studying you? If they are against unemployment insurance for people who lost their jobs for whatever reason, are they studying you?

They say they are against abortions. So am I. I am also against letting the elderly, mentally ill, poor folks die because, they cannot afford health insurance. Which is worse, an abortion or letting people die because they cannot afford insurance? Death is death and the Good Book says thou shalt not kill, regardless of how it is done.

You can sit at home and not vote if you want to. If these Republicans take over, you can forget it because they definitely are not studying poor whites, blacks, Hispanics or anybody else with little or no authority based on what they appear to be saying. With them, it appears to be all about the money, and they want to control it to their advantage.

People, the only way you don’t count is you don’t vote. Our future depends on our vote. If you do not vote, then do not complain about what happens to you. Go! Vote, vote, vote.