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B.J. FLETCHER: Exercise your right to vote

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The right to vote deserves the endorsement of everyone

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I want to go on record as saying that I have never endorsed anyone or anything in my life. I have always thought that there was arrogance to the concept of endorsement.

By saying that, I do want to go on record as endorsing the many candidates that seem to really be working for you time, attention and vote. The yard signs and the door-knocking are hard on a person physically and financially. Add that to ads from various local advertisers and a candidate can really spend some valuable time and money.

We are fortunate to see fresh faces and hear fresh voices comment on the future of this community. It should never be about party affiliation or race. It’s about investing in the future of this community.

Saying all of this, I urge you to drive through our nice city … and look at the signs and see who’s working for your vote. Vote today. Stop, look and listen! You won’t regret it.

With proud enthusiasm, I support the right to vote. May God be with you, the candidates and our beloved city..



EDITOR’S NOTE: B.J. Fletcher is the Albany city commissioner who represents Ward III.