Suspect charged in previous Hilltop burglary

Two arrested when stolen items found

ALBANY — Police officials have confirmed the arrest Thursday of Paul Pulley and Christopher Dietzel, both of 218 W. 1st Ave. Apt B, on charges stemming from an April break-in.

Officials say Pulley and Dietzel are suspects in an April 21 burglary at 1800 Hilltop Drive. According to a report by Phyllis Banks, spokeswoman for the Albany Police Department, someone entered the home on Hilltop Drive through a window and took a number of items, including tables, dressers, rugs, a flat screen television and a bed.

While conducting a legal search of the 1st Avenue address, officers discovered a queen size bed and mirror belonging to the Hilltop Drive victims. Pulley and Dietzel were each charged with burglary and transported to the Dougherty County jail, officials say.