They Said It ... May 25, 2014

QUOTES: Words worth repeating

“My goal is to extend the strength of Albany State into the community. We have to pay our rent, what I call social capital. We have to make people understand that with just a ninth-grade education, you are going to have a hard time providing for a family. Education is the underpinning of what makes this country run.” –Art Dunning, Albany State University Interim President

Deerfield-Windsor’s Headmaster David Davies offered advice to the Class of 2014, reminding them of the importance of working hard and being diligent in all their endeavors, never assuming things will work out just because they are good at something. “Each of you needs to sweat the small stuff and not assume anything. Hard work, attention to detail, stay connected, that’s it. As many of you would say, ‘that’s all I’ve got.’”

Following a drug raid at the Dollar Inn, Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents were approached by a young man with a soft drink cup in his hand. The man, an 18-year-old from Thomasville later identified as Anthony Hood, appeared to be a little “high” and a search of his paper cup revealed “spice” or synthetic marijuana inside. Hood was taken into custody and charged with possession of spice. “He didn’t run or even try to get rid of his cup,” ADDU’s Major Bill Berry said. “He does get the the rocket scientist award for the week.”

Regarding the recent issuance of non-renewal letters to school staff members and a reduction in force: “The issues the administration is addressing are an accumulation of things going back several years. During those times, there was enough money to maintain the excess staff. When that luxury was no longer available, it was decided to implement 10 furlough days; but, there comes a time when you have to address the root cause of the problems. And that is what we are attempting to do.” - Kenneth Dyer, DCSS Executive Director for Finance and Operations

Country music superstar Luke Bryan was presented with the award for top country music artist at the Billboard Music Awards by another music celebrity from “back home,” American Idol winner Phillip Phillips. What else could he say but just what he said? “Leesburg in the house!”

“You know, God didn’t promise me a rose garden. But he promised me a garden with roses. He didn’t promise there would be no thorns, but he promised he’d be there to heal my heart.” -Jackie Rouse, mother of slain Dougherty County Police Officer Clifford Rouse