Jackson Heights student earns perfect CRCT score

Zackariah Holmes hopes to one day pursue a career in computer science. (Staff photo: Laura Williams)

Zackariah Holmes hopes to one day pursue a career in computer science. (Staff photo: Laura Williams)

ALBANY – One local student definitely won’t be worrying about summer school these next few months, instead spending that time anticipating his upcoming entrance into middle school.

Zackariah Holmes, a newly-graduated fifth grader from Jackson Heights Elementary School, clearly demonstrated the wealth of knowledge he’s accumulated this year with a perfect score on the science portion of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT).

“In my 19 years of teaching, this is the first time I have ever seen a student earn a perfect score on the science portion of the exam,” said Holmes’ science teacher, Evangela Dawsey Jones.

“It’s an enormous accomplishment, and I am so proud of him.”

Holmes, 11, said he felt pretty confident that he had done a good job on the test, but was pleasantly surprised to receive a perfect score.

“I felt like I had prepared well and knew the information,” Holmes said, but I was really kind of expecting that I might get a perfect score in math instead, because I did last year.”

“But I’m still really excited about it.”

“Zackariah is a humble, hard-working student, who is eager to learn,” Dawsey Jones noted. “We try to show the students that good effort and hard work will pay off, and this is a perfect example.”

It may come as no surprise that science happens to be Holmes’ favorite subject.

“I like that it’s interactive, with experiments and hands-on activities,” Holmes said.

“He’s always loved to inquire and do research,” Dawsey Jones said of Holmes. “He’s definitely a problem solver.”

No doubt those skills will serve him well in the profession he hopes to one day pursue – computer science.

“I like learning about all of the different types of technology,” said Holmes. “It’s really interesting.”

In the immediate future, Holmes has made plans to attend Merry Acres Middle School in the fall, a new venture he is excitedly anticipating.

“I feel ready, but not ready, you know?” Holmes said. “I’m excited about it, but a little nervous too. But I think it’s going to be good, because now I can take classes in the gifted program every day, instead of just a few times a week.”

Holmes also enjoys reading, preferably science or historical fiction, and playing sports such as basketball and football. Holmes was a member of the Jackson Heights basketball team, and hopes to continue playing football in middle school.

In addition to his perfect CRCT score in science, Holmes also racked up several other accolades this year, including an exceeds expectations in all subjects, the highest combined grade point average in his class, and the most points for Accelerated Reading. Holmes also received the coveted Presidential Award for Educational Achievement, chosen by the principal in recognition of superior academic success in the classroom.

He may be young, but Holmes has already shown an innate ability to work hard for success. If his past is any indication, then this area has great things to expect from him in the future.