EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Georgia driver’s license requirements are too onerous

LETTER TO THE EDITOR; Demands for I.D. are remeniscent of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

“… It is time, then most citizens will need to bring 4 documents:

“An original/certified document to prove WHO YOU ARE such as a Birth Certificate or Passport.


“2 documents showing your RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS such as a Bank Statement or Utility Bill.

“(Georgia) Driver Services”

Is this the Republic of Georgia located next to the Black Sea or is it the Georgia in the United States next to the Atlantic Ocean? Federal and state governments make me feel that I am an illegal alien, even though I was born and raised in this country – Savannah, Ga.

Is this Nazi Germany, where you needed documents to travel from one part of Germany to another? If page 3 in your document package was in page 2’s place, you were immediately arrested and you needed a third party to verify their and your existence. If you lived in Moldova, Soviet Union, and you needed to travel to Moscow, you needed a visa from the Ukraine and Russia to travel, plus passport. Which time warp are we in, Nazi Germany or Stalinist Soviet Union?

I remember when a Georgia driver’s license was obtain by your signature and $5. False identification existed then. ID theft is not something new to free enterprise. Always, someone is trying to get something free.

I would like to see a politician surrender four I.D. documents before he or she can make a campaign speech. He may claim to Gov. Deal or President Carter, but without proper I.D., he could be a charlatan. He could be an imposter doubling as the original in case the original is shot and blown up.