MARTY HELDENBERG: Vietnam veterans series journalism at its best

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Series revisits memories of those who fought in Vietnam

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Today’s issue of The Herald (Tuesday) convinced me that despite prior editions leaving me wondering why I write that monthly check, I will now continue to do so.

The current series covering the Vietnam era by Carlton Fletcher and its resultant tragic memories, is journalism at its finest! Any time a writer can bring his reader to tears in the telling of a story, he is sharing a gift of compassion and empathy and is blessed with a special gift. Carlton Fletcher has that gift.

I also found the article about Andersonville quite intriguing, as it painted the picture of the horrifying spoils of war and those called upon to participate in it. One paragraph in particular jumped out at me as I read it. The incident where local individuals, out of compassion for the starving prisoners, were turned away and not permitted to give food to those suffering, needy souls by General Winder, who was in charge of all the Confederate prisons in Georgia.

For some reason, that story reminded me of Georgia’s current governor, who, due to his own personal belief system, has determined that the offering of federal Medicaid funds are to be denied to those individuals in Georgia most needing that assistance.

Did anyone else notice the similarity? Just wondering!