NADINE M. MATHIS: The spirit of sharing would save America

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Greed of the rich keep poor people poor

Yes, America. poor poor people do not get better. What a shame. “America the Beautiful.” People of all creeds and color just can’t find jobs for all people. America has grown so fast and the very wealthy don’t care, only trying to hold on and get more money if America survives storms, landslides, Flight 370 missing, tornadoes and all the other things killing people.

Wake up, you billionaires, God is in the mix. If every millionaire and billionaire in the U.S. goes out to find these poor poor people, some on beds for health reasons, and gives to these people, like, $600 for food and medicine, God will change the United States big time.

People of America, there is a not a truck to go behind your funeral procession bringing your money. I’ll say in my 94 years of life I’ve given away two estates and one I made all by myself. I also carried a Kia car back to the Kia place and I’d paid for the car myself.

This I say tells you I am not concerned about material things. America, I sleep at night and I fear no evil for I’ve done my part.