WARREN D. GRANT: Warming up to real climate change

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The world has cooled and heated routinely with no help from people

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Is it just me or is it getting hot? After listening to much ballyhoo from people about global warming, I went to the Internet to get some facts, if you can call them that.

I first thought about the research when this nut case who claims to have invented the Web, got a pizza prize for his PowerPoint display of global warming. Can’t remember his name for sure, but he was a politician from Tennessee … Gal Bore or something like that. Anyway, he got this prize, which I think allows him two pizzas a month for the rest of his life. I don’t know if they awarded him the prize or if he got it from a Cracker Jack box, but ever since the prize has pretty much been given to anyone who walks sideways. But I digress.

Several articles on the Web stated or seem to agree that we’ve had five ice ages. Some were billions of years ago, some less. One even stated we are in an ice age now. You heard me right. The most recent one was about 3 million years ago and continues today.

One site stated, “Ice ages are said to have occurred every 150 million years, and last for at least 1 million years. According to the ice age theory, our current warm period will end with the beginning of another cold phase in 23,000 years time.”

A little contradiction there, I believe. These ice ages that have come and gone did so by themselves, so why are we (humans) being blamed for the one that is supposedly to be ending now but may take a few more thousand years to complete its cycle? The others that came and went didn’t have all these coal plants puking out tons of chemicals to cover the sun and cause the ice to melt. No inhabitants on the planet driving low-mileage cars without converters causing smog to help the warming process.

Maybe Mr. Bore can do another PowerPoint to explain away the other ice ages. I think it would be interesting to the point that I might even watch.