Summer astronomy series set for Wetherbee Planetarium

ALBANY — Thronateeska Heritage Center has announced its schedule for its Summer Astronomy Series at the Wetherbee Planetarium presented by staff astronomer, Jim Friese. Programs will be conducted on the third Tuesday of July, September and November. Each of the four programs will be held in the Science Museum with doors opening at 7 p.m. Length of each program is approximately 1½ hours.

The July 15 live presentation, “Not of this World,” will explore planets found outside our solar system referred to as exoplanets. Nearly 1,800 exoplanets have been discovered thus far with the Kepler Space Telescope leaving scientists to ponder if other life forms exist elsewhere. Ending the evening program, guests will view the show, “Oasis in Space.”

On Sept. 16, Friese will explain how galaxies develop and if they will last forever in his presentation of “Island Universes.” To follow, the planetarium show, “Astronomyths,” will be present highlighting various constellations and some of the deep space objects found within them.

Rounding off the series on Nov. 18 will be a presentation and workshop on telescopes and early astronomers. In addition, guests will view “Two Small Pieces of Glass,” which presents a history of telescopes and their evolution.

Admission to each series is $3.50 per person, plus tax. Thronateeska members are admitted at no charge as well as Darton College students with current student I.D. While reservations are not required, seating is limited. Program content is suitable for all ages.

For more information, call the Thronateeska Heritage Center office at (229) 432-6955.