Albany police respond to weekend shootings

Several shootings reported on Saturday, Monday

ALBANY — In addition to a shooting on Holloway Avenue that left one person injured, there were four other aggravated assaults involving firearms reported over the weekend and into Monday, reports from the Albany Police Department show.

Officers responded to a fight at 663 W. Society Ave. at around 3 a.m. on Saturday. Phyllis Banks, spokeswoman for the APD said, that officers noticed what appeared to be a small silver car sitting further down the alley. As they were patrolling, shots were fired. Contact was then made with the victim, who stated that she and her two friends were sitting on the back porch and her two small children were in the house when a small gray car pulled through the alley and started shooting.

Officers saw what appeared to be bullet hole in the kitchen window, Banks said.

Another shooting took place at 717 W. First Ave., which was reported at around 3:15 a.m. on Saturday. Officers responded to shots fired inside a home, and upon arrival, contact was made with two victims. One of them said that, at around 3 a.m., they were getting ready for bed when they heard what sounded like gunshots. They both said they got up to see what was going on and noticed damage to the living room window and holes in the living room wall, Banks said.

When the police arrived, it was discovered that there were bullet holes in both side windows of a burgundy caravan parked in the front yard, dents in the driver’s door of a blue GMC Yukon and bullet holes in the back windshield and front windshield of a white Chevrolet Avalanche, Banks said.

An aggravated assault was reported at 900 W. Highland Ave. at around 2 a.m. on Monday, available reports show. Officers responded to the area in reference to a robbery. Contact was made with the victim, who stated that while walking home, he was approached by two unknown men with guns. He stated they attempted to rob him, but he ran, Banks said.

There was a fourth incident at 704 W. Whitney Ave. at around 5 a.m. on Saturday. Banks said Albany police were called out in reference to a fight and shots fired. Upon arrival, contact was made with a woman who stated she went to Krystal’s and when she returned, there was a silver vehicle with several men inside.

She said that, as she pulled up, they started to fight with some men in front of her when shots were suddenly fired.

There were no injuries reported in connection with any of the incidents other than the shooting on Holloway Avenue, Banks said.