Police investigate Albany-Dougherty NAACP break-in

Albany-Dougherty NAACP broken into

ALBANY — The Albany Police Department is investigating several burglaries that occurred over the recent Labor Day weekend, including a break-in at the Albany-Dougherty office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People at 136 N. Magnolia St. and a barber shop next door.

Marvin Jones, vice president of the Albany-Dougherty NAACP, said he was unaware of the break-in until around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when he arrived at the office. According to Jones, the unknown intruder had broken a window from the back door, allowing him to turn the inside latch and gain entrance to the office.

An officer at the scene took Jones on a walk-through of the office, Jones said, where they discovered all the desk drawers had been rifled by someone.

“I guess they were looking for cash,” Jones said, “but I’m surprised they didn’t take a thing. There were computers and electronics, and a nice radio/CD player in my office but they left it all.”

According to Jones, Troup Barber Shop next door wasn’t as lucky, with “more than one television” missing from the premises.