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Retirees bring much to the community

ALBANY HERALD EDITORIAL: A study by the Selig Center finds that for every 100 retirees who relocate to Georgia, 55 jobs are created

Albany and Southwest Georgia have plenty to offer retirees who relocate from other states. It’s incumbent on our area to get the word out.

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RONDA RICH: Loyalty a valuable virtue

When I think back on the days of my youth, it would be hard to pick a lesson learned that was more important than another.

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LORAN SMITH: Paul Herring, a real Greatest Generation hero

At 94, Paul Herring, has very few memory lapses.

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Television dogs man's best friends

While most of the memorable television characters have been male and female actors, dogs have had important roles for the past six decades.

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Bright of the Day - April 23, 2014

Get a copy of The Albany Herald to read about the Bright Side of life.

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Squawk of the Day - April 23, 2014

Get a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about.

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JOE GANDELMAN: The fall of the House of Bush

OPINION: Jeb Bush not well received by conservative Republicans

The 2016 GOP presidential convention may turn into one of who not to nominate.

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E. J. DIONNE: New York City mayor offers no apologies

Mayor Bill de Blasio says his biggest mistake has been underestimating those opposed to change

Mayor Bill de Blasio has fulfilled many of this campaign promises during his forst 100 days in office.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Russian agreement just what the KGB ordered

OPINION: By not invading the rest of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gets a pass — and keeps Crimea

To Putin’s mind, he has emerged from these “diplomatic negotiations” — translated in Russian to mean “I did it my way” — as a tough statesman, generous in his restraint yet just scary enough to hold the world’s attention.

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Squawk of the Day - April 22, 2014

For more squawks, pick up a copy of today's Albany Herald!

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Bright of the Day - April 22, 2014

Check out today's Bright of the Day!

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Bright of the day - April 21, 2014

Check out today's bright of the day!

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: U.S. deportation policy impolitic, inhumane

OPINION: The Obama administrations deportation policy is a travesty

While the president has worked hard to get a reluctant Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, many immigration advocates say they’d rather see Obama relax his draconian deportation policies.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Pennsylvania cannot afford to lose Gov. Tom Corbett

OPINION: Gov. Corbett has erased deficit without raising taxes, but is vulnerable politically

Gov. Tom Corbett’s biggest challenge won’t come from Democrats, but from his own party where many Republicans contend he isn’t conservative enough.


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