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TERRY ENGLAND: Georgia technical college system grants a great deal

GUEST COLUMN: Tech college students eligible for Hope are also eligible for the grants

The grants pay for the tuition portion and fees not covered by Hope for technical college students who are working toward certificates or diplomas in 10 target study areas.

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Squawk of the Day - Sept. 2, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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MICHAEL GERSON: Trump delcares war on demography

OPINION: GOP frontrunner is all about himself

The Trump campaign is emphatically about Trump, in a manner typical of populism from Huey Long to Hugo Chavez.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Yeezy for president? We've had worse

OPINION: Imagining the details of a Kanye West presidency

Kanye West jokingly told the VMA audience that he was planning a presidential run, but would that be so farfetched?

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LORAN SMITH: Another jewel in the Thomasville crown

LIFESTYLES COLUMNIST: There's anticipation for quail season

It’s hot and sticky this time of the year in this Southwest Georgia enclave, but it’s nothing like summers of the past. This has been a season of thundershowers, which are ameliorating and comforting to a populace where quail hunting, the signature event in Thomas County, is as beloved by the locals as it is by visitors from far away.

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RONDA RICH: Life's not always funny

THE DIXIE DIVA: Quiet moments are the best for finding time to create

The one piece of advice I always give to aspiring writers is to find time to reflect, which will, in turn, present a story, a philosophy or an observation that will prove worthy of recording.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Steptember rolls in with autumn in tow

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

As August vacates our spaces and September comes marching in, here is another type of tree that beautifies our landscapes: The Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana).

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KEVIN SPROUL: Sheriff's Office keeps track of sex offender registry

THE SHERIFF'S REPORT: Two sheriff's deputies maintain the registry in Dougherty County

Sex offenders are a serious threat to public safety, and I am serious about addressing that threat.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: New York City in a bizarre uproar over topless women

OPINION: Women losing shirts in public has city losing its collective mind

Unorthodox though their wardrobe choices may be, these women are on the right side of the law. More than two decades ago, the state’s highest court ruled that prohibiting women, but not men, from baring their chests in public amounted to discrimination on the basis of sex.

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RICHARD WOODS: With Georgia Milestones, state students are being judged on a higher standard

GUEST COLUMN: CRCT and Milestones preficiency scores are not an apples-to-apples comparison

When Georgia students’ profiency scores are released next month, they likely will be lower under the Georgia Milestones assessment than they were under the CRCT standard. That doesn’t mean Georgia students have regressed. Milestones sets the bar for proficiency higher than CRCT did.

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'War Room' takes faith to the cinema

EDITORIAL: Kendricks Brothers film is drawing a crowd

The Kendrick Brothers Productions’ first film, “War Room,” seems to be a hit with the vast majority of those who see it — except for the critics.

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Squawk of the Day - Sept. 1, 2015

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BARRY LEVINE: Nice to be first in the music world

THE OLD ROCKER: Williams ranked No. 1 among piano recording artists

Renowned pianist Roger Williams earned that honor. He recorded an instrumental version of “Autumn Leaves” in 1955. The song climbed to No. 1 in October of that year to become the first instrumental in the rock era to top the Billboard magazine charts.

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Squawk of the Day - Aug. 31, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!


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