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MICHAEL REAGAN: The Confederate flag flap

OPINION: Politicians and the media focus on minor issues that rile up conservative-liberal divide

Like it or not, in 2015 the Confederate flag we all saw on the roof of those 1969 Dodge Chargers on the “Dukes of Hazard” is no longer so innocent. Now it symbolizes two totally different and incompatible things to whites and blacks.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Confederate markers continue tumble

OPINION: America still has not come to terms with slavery

Some 239 years after that awe-inspiring Declaration of Independence — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” — we are still in denial about the foundations upon which this republic was built.

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BYRON YORK: GOP searches for strategy to counter Obama's winning streak

OPINION: President Obama rolls off series of late-term political victories

Republicans need to find a way to stop the momentum if they don’t want a Democrat to roll into the White House in the 2016 elections, but they haven’t come up with a strategy.

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Thumbs Up: June 29, 2015

EDITORIAL: Good news to start the week

Thumbs Up! is a weekly editorial focusing on the positive news from Albany and Southwest Georgia.

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CAL THOMAS: The pope, the globe and the facts

OPINION: Many embarrassingly wrong predictions have been made about global warming

Pope Francis accepts as a matter of scientific doctrine that the Earth is warming and that humans are responsible for it. Yet near the end of the encyclical, he confesses that “the Church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics.” Which is it?

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: The dramatic irony of Greece

OPINION: About half of Greek bank loans are now nonperforming

It’s hard to watch the ongoing, can-kicking Greek debt tragedy and not know deep down how it will end: Despite optimistic denials by our obstinate protagonists, a default of some kind is inevitable. The question is when and how orderly it will be.

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Squawk of the Day - June 29, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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Squawk of the Day - June 28, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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BARRY LEVINE: Weavers had huge impact on folk music revival

THE OLD ROCKER: With passing of Ronnie Gilbert, only one member of The Weavers is still alive

Even after splitting up during the 1950s Red Scare, The Weavers got back together in the mid-’50s and found they still had an audience, influing later folk singers.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany budget offers hope for Civic Center revival

OPINION: Recreation Director Joel Holmes plans to use funding to bring shows to Albany venue

Funding in the city of Albany’s budget is included for the promotion of events at the long-dormant Albany Civic Center.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Denial not an option in climate change fight

OPINION: If climate change is a global threat, addressing it is both a moral and public requirement

There is no getting around the fact that Francis regards potentially catastrophic, human-caused global warming as a fact. In American politics, the pope’s encyclical has not made legislative action on climate change inevitable; but it has made the issue unavoidable. The politician’s shrug, “I’m no scientist,” is no longer acceptable

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MANDY FLYNN: Time to travel

FEATURES COLUMNIST: An online ad about time travelling got me thinking

If you had the choice, would you travel back in time or get a look at the future?

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at July 1960

HISTORY: Aside from fireworks, see what was happening in Albany, July 1960.

The annual fireworks show was accompanied by a military performance.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Muscle memory offers hope for change in habits

HEALTH AND FITNESS: With work, old unhealthy dogs can learn new healthy tricks

Muscle memory allows the health-conscious to reverse certain bad habits.

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BOB KORNEGAY: We're not really all that different

OUTDOORS: We have more traits like the so-called inferior critters than we admit

All human/animal analogies do not portend such ominous connotations

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Squawk of the Day - June 27, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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STEVE & COKIE ROBERTS: One image, two symbols

OPINION: The reactions to the flag and weapon accused killer Dylann Roof held have been different

There has been little talk of gun control in the wake of the South Carolina church murders, but there has been a great deal of action against the Confederate battle flag.

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