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MICHAEL REAGAN: The Confederate flag flap

OPINION: Politicians and the media focus on minor issues that rile up conservative-liberal divide

Like it or not, in 2015 the Confederate flag we all saw on the roof of those 1969 Dodge Chargers on the “Dukes of Hazard” is no longer so innocent. Now it symbolizes two totally different and incompatible things to whites and blacks.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Confederate markers continue tumble

OPINION: America still has not come to terms with slavery

Some 239 years after that awe-inspiring Declaration of Independence — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” — we are still in denial about the foundations upon which this republic was built.

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Squawk of the Day - June 23, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: The pope gets involved on responsibility and the environment

OPINION: We need to know what the choices are on our relationship with the environment

Pleading with humanity to examine what it is or may just be on the verge of doing to itself is not a new position for a pontiff. Nor is being criticized, rebuffed and dismissed for doing so.

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TOM PURCELL: Defaulting on personal responsibility

OPINION: Lee Siegel, in a New York Times op-ed piece, rationalizes why he defaulted on his student loans

Lee Siegel’s premise that he had to choose between being a writer and other vocations to pay off his loans is faulty. Writers, including greats like Faulkner, have almost always worked jobs they didn’t want, to pay the bills.

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BYRON YORK: For Hillary Clinton, new Iraq war trap

OPINION: The decision to send 450 more troops to Iraq puts Clinton in a tough spot

When Clinton is asked about Iraq — and that might not be for a while, given her avoidance of the press and unscreened voters — it’s not hard to imagine her answering that the president is looking at all the intelligence, that he’s making a judgment based on that intelligence, and that she would have to know more to make an informed judgment herself.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Deceit by Rachel Dolezal reveals a valuable truth

OPINION: The case is a reminder that race is just a social construct

While institutional racism is the province of the powerful — and, in the United States, the powerful are still mostly white — discrimination based on difference is a human tradition, passed on from one generation to the next, among black families, brown families, tan families, pink families.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Jeb Bush gets 'Trumped'

OPINION: Bush is victim No. 1 as Donald Trump puts up his circus tent

The Donald wasted no time proving to everyone why he should not be president. He also proved why he’s going to spell trouble for the GOP primary process.

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Thumbs Up! June 22, 2015

EDITORIAL: Good news to start the week.

Thumbs Up! is a weekly editorial focusing on the positive news from Albany and Southwest Georgia.

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BARRY LEVINE: The story of Linda Hoffman 1 and Linda Hoffman 2

THE OLD ROCKER: A Bobby Rydell story strange even by Hollywood standards

Bobby Rydell, a teen idol, actor, author and stage performer, got married on Jan. 17, 2009, to Linda Hoffman. It was the second marriage for both.

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BOB KORNEGAY: In praise of the 'ugliness' of nature

OUTDOORS COLUMNIST: I have natural affinity for some of the not-so-pretty creatures

Being no oil painting myself, I understand better than most that ugly things need love, too. I just hope the less-than-beautiful critters I love appreciate affection like I do.

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Squawk of the Day - June 21, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to see what everyone is squawking about!

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Bright Side of the Day - June 21, 2015

Pick up a copy of The Albany Herald to find out about the Bright Side of life.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Thunderbird' a poignant Father's Day reminder

OPINION: Singer Marc Cohn stirs memories of the bond between father and son

Some songs have the capacity to stir feelings and emotions that are buried soul deep.

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MICHAEL GERSON: A campaign of bombast and ridicule

OPINION: Donald Trump refuses to be ignored

The whole process of applying political scrutiny to Trump is difficult, given his aversion to systematic political thought.

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MANDY FLYNN: Enough plastic to flip your lid over

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Why are lids not all the same size?

There should be a presidential order requiring that all plastic storage lids for kitchens be the same size.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking back at Mrs. Doubtfire | QUIK QUIZ

HISTORY: A movie about a father who just wants to be with his children.

Although there was on-again, off-again talk of a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire,” the death of Robin Williams in August 2014 sealed the project’s fate forever.

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