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CARLTON FLETCHER: With movies, you get the good and the bad

OPINION: Films can uplift or emphasize our inadequacies

Even with the best movies, there’s a risk-reward dynamic involved.

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BARRY LEVINE: Add Sedaka, Maestro to the list of Hall of Fame talent

OLD ROCKER: Sedaka credited with writing more than 500 songs

Barry Manilow, one of the premier entertainers of the past 40 years, has announced that this is the last year that he will be touring.

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MANDY FLYNN: Well, that's just fabulous ... really fabulously fabulous

FEATURES COLUMN: I saw myself in a sitcom, sort of

It was an intervention, an impromptu one, and as it unfolded on the popular syndicated comedy show I was watching a revelation came to me. That was me… sort of.

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KIRSTEN LUPINSKI: For most kids' activities, water's the best drink

HEALTH & FITNESS: Kids participating in prolonged activity may benefit some from a sports drink

Along with the sweetness of energy drinks comes added calories. Most active kids don’t have to worry about this, but a if you have child who is inactive and likes sports drinks, you may need to intervene and suggest a glass of milk or water.

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TOM PURCELL: Even snow clouds have silver linings

OPINION: A few flakes make D.C. bureaucrats call for office shutdowns

I love how snow disrupts daily life — particularly in Washington, D.C.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Handouts we all get

OPINION: Look in the mirror to see who is getting federal health subsidies

America’s senior citizens seem to (wrongly) believe that they have paid for their own health care and that therefore others should, too.

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DICK YARBROUGH: If you don't know much about history, this test is for you

OPINION: Lawmakers are considering a resolution asking that the test be expelled from Georgia classrooms

The authors of the test say the AP U.S. History course is an advanced, college-level course — not an introductory U.S. history course — and is not meant to be students’ first exposure to the “fundamental narrative of U.S. history.” I think that is education-speak for saying kids should already know about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Ray Charles.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Misguided bill wouldn't protect religious freedom

FAITH: Proposed legislation opens state up to potential lawsuits

A broad coalition of religious leaders (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.) strongly oppose this ill-conceived intolerant bill. I spent a day in the Capitol a few weeks ago standing with a number of clergy who urged our legislators, for a second year, to abandon this end-around at intolerance and discrimination.

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CHRIS CLARK: On transportation funding, Georgia can't afford to wait

OPINION: Few things are more important to any community or business than transportation

While Georgia has continued to grow, our investments in transportation have not kept pace. Georgia needs more funding, and the longer we wait the more we will need.

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HAL BRADY: A guideline for growing old

FAITH: Five suggestions for aging gracefully

Who can say when one is no longer young?

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T. GAMBLE: Oscar selections are a Wales of a mess

OPINION: The outrage of bad Oscar awardings goes back nearly 40 years

I see where the Academy Awards have once again awarded best actor and best picture to some film, and to some folks, I’ve never heard of.

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KATHY KEELEY: Those with developmental disabilities deserve jobs, too

GUEST COLUMN: Georgia lags far behind other states in helping people with disabilities find employment

For individuals with developmental disabilities the typical choices after finishing high school — getting a job or going to college — are difficult, if not impossible. There are thousands of Georgians with developmental disabilities and the unemployment rate for that community is close to 87 percent.

SOWELL: Gulani vs. Obama

SOWELL: Gulani vs. Obama

Against that background of strife and dangers on the world stage, it may seem as if Barack Obama’s feelings, or Rudolph Giuliani’s opinion about those feelings, should not matter so much, especially when it is hard to know with certainty how anyone feels

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Candy's not a food group ... but it should be

OPINION: Being a grown-up means not worrying about spoiled dinners

Being a grown-up means deciding your own candy intake.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Some Cracked Mugs on a dreary day

OPINION: An the envelope please …

There’s nothing like a dreary day to bring to mind people and events that are disappointing.