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RONDA RICH COLUMN: Ghosts in the ashes

DIXIE DIVA: Fire can't destory memories

One of Daddy’s self-penned mantras danced in my head as I looked around. “Kid, never worry over that which money and hard work can replace.”

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Time to catch some of that transplanting fever

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: Transplanting takes priority over most other agenda that might be on your to-do list

The days are comfortably warm and the nights are refreshingly cool. All said, nature sends out an invitation to gardeners to get involved throughout the landscape.

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CAL THOMAS COLUMN: Houston pastors fight censorship challenge

OPINION: City Ordinance sparks controversy

Houston recently passed an ordinance through its city council that has sparked quite a bit of controversy amongst conservative evangelicals. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a broad-sweeping, left-leaning law trumpeted by the city of Houston and its openly gay mayor, Annise Parker, is supposed to protect gay, lesbian and transgender people from discrimination. All well and good, but according to the Independent Journal Review, the ordinance to ensure nondiscrimination, discriminates against those of faith who oppose it.

CARLTON FLETCHER: Elections Board member draws heat for Sunday vote

OPINION: Blankenship chose principle over party, to the dismay of leadership

Dougherty Elections Board member Walter Blankenship is drawing behind-the-scenes heat for a principled decision.

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LORAN SMITH COLUMN: UGA's Kosta Vavlas a classic student-athlete

Kosta Vavlas' personality goes beyond his Greek heritage

For those who follow Georgia football, Kosta Vavlas is best known for the peculiar sound of his name on the public address system and his kamikaze style of play on all four of Georgia’s special teams: kickoff, kickoff return, punt return, and punt block.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Sex and the poor

OPINION: America has decided sex, especially non-procreative, is for rich people

The belief that we can get entire classes of Americans to practice abstinence until they’re financially ready for marriage and children is a right-wing delusion on par with the left-wing delusions that go into socialism: Both rely on a fundamental miscalculation about human nature.

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TOM PURCELL: More private contractors needed

OPINION: The self-employed are humble and motivated to do good work

Being self-employed makes people intimately aware of the negative impact of government regulations and policies.

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BYRON YORK: President Obama plays big role in Arknasas Senate race

OPINION: Bill Clinton called on to cool the heat on Sen. Mark Pryor

Challenger Rep. Tom Cotton ties Pryor to President Obama, noting Pryor supports the president 93 percent of the time.

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HAL BRADY: Handling criticism

FAITH: Harsh criticism comes from three undernourished areas of a person's life

Criticism is often blind to a person's or program's potential.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Despite polls, GOP opposes gay marriage

OPINION: Public opinion on same-sex marriage has changed in the past decade

Michelle Nunn clearly believes that backing gay unions is a winning strategy — even in a Deep South state where the religious right still holds considerable political sway.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Government malpractice continues

OPINION: The CDC chief admits his agency was not aggressive enough regarding Ebola

This latest failure of the federal government, Ebola, is really incredible. Just how incompetent can it get?

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MARY GANZEL: Obesity places burdens on health, finance

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Obesity-related diseases and health problems account for 61 percent of U.S. healthcare costs

If obesity rates keep growing, costs associated with obesity will become too large for federal healthcare systems to cover. A reduction in obesity rates across the country would save the government tens of billions of dollars that could be spent on other government programs.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Burying a 30-year-old UGA hatchet

OPINION: Call from former UGA coach Goff ends three decades of enmity

A long-held anti-UGA conceit is wiped away after a conversation with the writer’s unwitting nemesis.

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BARRY LEVINE: The times definitely were a-changing

THE OLD ROCKER: The changing morals of the nation reflected in changes to its music

Two of Bob Dylan’s early songs — “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are a-Changin’” — became anthems for the American civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements.Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’” further expounded on this nation’s changing morals, especially as it pertained to early rock ‘n’ roll.

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MANDY FLYNN: Sick of squirrels

FEATURES COLUMN: SpongeBob is not the most reliable temperature consultant

You know you’re sick when you’re willing to ignore an annoyingly misplaced sock on the floor. And don’t get me started about those squirrels.