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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Politicians have not learned from past

GUEST COLUMN: Much has been said and printed about the decision to invade Iraq

We study history to learn not to allow events to repeat themselves, but our brilliant people in Washington do not understand that.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Our hesitant talk on mobility

OPINION: For both parties, the emerging theme of economic mobility is often a reluctant, second choice

Perhaps the greatest need in American politics: a presidential candidate who passionately advances a vision of mobility instead of settling for it.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Liberal, and loving it

OPINION: Percentage of Americans who say they are socially liberal now equals that of socially conservative

A large chunk of Americans recently decided to come out as “liberal” — socially liberal, to be specific. As a result, for the first time on record, self-proclaimed social liberals are no longer outnumbered by their conservative counterparts.

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BARRY LEVINE: Four events crushed rock n roll in the early stages

OLD ROCKER: Teen musicians from Philadelphia came to the rescue

Philadelphia developed into a mecca for rock and roll as more than 80 performers from the city have had at least one Top 40 hit.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Keeping sight of that star

OPINION: Nothing is quite as relaxing as the sound of the ocean

Sometimes you just have to get away from the always-connected, electronic-driven lifestyle to connect with what’s really important in life.

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PERRY BUCHANAN: Understanding your caloric calculation

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Successful weight management is a result of proper caloric balance

Pretty much all weight loss diets cause a reduction in calorie intake. Many people get frustrated though, because they get the math wrong when calculating their individual needs.

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MANDY FLYNN: A doggone ugly cry

FEATURES COLUMNIST: TV crying just not the real thing

The tears have been flowing around here. And it ain’t been pretty. Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

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MARY BRASWELL: May 1974 in Albany and Southwest Georgia.

HISTORY: In May 1974, gas prices were up to 58 cents per gallon.

In May 1974, Richard Nixon was still the president, unemployment was down to five percent and gas prices were climbing.

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DANNY TYREE: Singing those graduation blues

OPINION: They grow up so quickly

When I finished sixth grade, we knew nothing of AIDS, spyware or ISIS. If in 1972 you had told me someday parents would record graduation ceremonies with their PHONES, I would have wondered how you would keep from tripping over the cord and how you could prevent accidentally recording someone else’s bar mitzvah on a party line.

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DICK YARBROUGH: Georgia teachers weigh in on future of education

OPINION: Teachers say they are frustrated, even angry over political and bureaucratic meddling

Teachers are frustrated and angry over political meddling, an obsession with testing and a lack of respect for the profession, saying they see a bleak future for educators and students if nothing changes.

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CAL THOMAS: No Memorial Day for inner-city dead

OPINION: Violence erupts in Democratic-run major cities

While Memorial Day weekend featured the traditional parades, barbecues and moments of silence at baseball games for those who gave their lives in wartime to preserve our freedoms, in some of America’s biggest cities virtual shooting galleries produced the sort of carnage more likely to be found in the Middle East from Islamic State terrorists.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Shawn Mendes wows teen, tween crowd at Wild Adventures

OPINION: Teen pop star provides his own accompaniment at Valdosta show

Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes draws the adoring shrieks of teens and tweens during his Wild Adventures performance.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Conservative Christians miscount

OPINION: GOP presidential candidates ignore scandal involving Josh Duggars of '19 Kids & Counting'

Child molesting is not a “mistake” you make when you’re young. It’s a crime against the innocent that should be prosecuted — and one I believe that should have no statute of limitations. In fact, the statute of limitations is only there to protect the guilty, not protect the innocent.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Cemeteries are filled with the forgotten

FAITH COLUMNIST: People forget, but God doesn't

Stones may mark our spot, if we choose burial, for centuries to come, but those beneath those stones will sooner, rather than later, be a vague memory.

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T. GAMBLE: A large order of no-fault fries, please

OPINION: It's not my fault I cant push away from the buffet, boss

The highest court in Europe has ruled that gross obesity is now to be considered a disability.