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CATHERINE RAMPELL: A new baby bust

OPINION: Millennial women reproducting at slow rate

Officials estimate that roughly 500,000 fewer babies are now being born per year than would have been the case had the higher fertility rates of the mid-2000s continued.

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T. GAMBLE: Postal workers picks unusual delivery method

OPINION: Pilot may have future in Congress

I might go to jail protesting because my kid is in jail, or the government took my land, or unfair taxes, or discrimination against gay, transsexual, Scientology, single mothers, but it will be over more than campaign finance reform laws.

Collins Hill sweeps Lee County in second round

Trojans lose pair of one-run games

Two back-to-back home runs by Cole Zabowski and Al Del Villar in the top of the seventh gave Collins Hill a 6-5 win and a sweep of the series, ending Lee County’s season.

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MICHAEL GERSON: The intricate knot of urban poverty

OPINION: The mass incarceration of juvenile offenders is iatrogenic

Government has been good over the last several decades at taking the elderly out of poverty. But it has been far less successful in encouraging the type of urban renewal that runs deeper than gentrification.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany looking to fill key leadership positions

OPINION: Future of city, key organizations rests with selection of new leaders

Albany officials are scrambling to fill four key positions that are currently, or will soon be, vacant.

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MICHAEL LOMAX: Age of Ultron officially begins summer season

FILM COMMENTARY: Beat the crowds and go early

Watching these superhumans make very human mistakes is exactly what keeps drawing us back to the theater. If the Avengers were all perfect, we’d get pretty bored with them pretty quickly. We need to see these guys fail every now and then to keep us compelled.

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KEVIN SPROUL: May is a Community Month

SHERIFF'S COLUMN: This month will be packed with community activities

May is a busy month. It is a month in which we recognize achievements and sacrifices, and support those in need. These are the things a strong community does.

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RONDA RICH: Social media can be a little too social

THE DIXIE DIVA: OK, that is too much information

Facebook can be something akin to a soap opera, or a train wreck.

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Beautiful May flowers are coming

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

All those April showers we endured will produce some beautiful May flowers in our landscapes. May brings an encouraging opportunity to get outside and work enjoyably in the landscape.

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LORAN SMITH: Crowder peas one of life's good things

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Most folks in Washington, Ga., know Joe for his cooking

Couldn’t wait to heat up those crowder peas with ham hocks and Joe’s tasty cornbread.

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JULIE WELLS: Hearty, homemade cheeseburger pasta is better than a boxed dinner

THE RECIPE BOX: It doesn't take hours to prepare an outside-the-box meal

I realize the whole purpose of Hamburger Helper mixes are to help us expedite dinner so that we can feed our busy families rather sooner than later and so that we are not standing over the stove all evening, but sometimes a prepackaged dinner just wont do.

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CAL THOMAS: Unruly Britannia

OPINION: Prime Minister 'Question Time' refreshing

On Thursday, the three main candidates for prime minister — David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg — one by one appeared before an audience of voters at the Leeds Town Hall where for a half-hour voters asked them informed, pointed and detailed questions. The host, the BBC’s David Dimbleby, called for questions and occasionally followed up, but mostly voters drove the program

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TOM CONNELLY: America honors its small businesses

GUEST COLUMN: The U.S. has more than 28 million small businesses

The UGA Small Business Development Center provides confidential consulting services at no fee to Georgia businesses. Its goal is to help develop stronger, more successful Georgia businesses. There are 17 offices throughout the state to serve for profit businesses in every county.

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DANNY TYREE: Unsung heroines get spotlight for Mother's Day

OPINION: Some moms have never gotten a column

Borrowing from comedian Red Buttons’ “never got a dinner!” routine on the “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts” of the 70s, I will once more acknowledge unsung mothers who NEVER GOT A COLUMN.

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TOM PURCELL: Legal monkey business

OPINION: The issue of legal rights for animals has been a source of debate for some time

A few weeks ago, says the New York Post, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe “inadvertently bestowed human status on two chimpanzees being used for biomedical research at Stony Brook University on Long Island.”