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CATHERINE RAMPELL: New York City in a bizarre uproar over topless women

OPINION: Women losing shirts in public has city losing its collective mind

Unorthodox though their wardrobe choices may be, these women are on the right side of the law. More than two decades ago, the state’s highest court ruled that prohibiting women, but not men, from baring their chests in public amounted to discrimination on the basis of sex.

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RICHARD WOODS: With Georgia Milestones, state students are being judged on a higher standard

GUEST COLUMN: CRCT and Milestones preficiency scores are not an apples-to-apples comparison

When Georgia students’ profiency scores are released next month, they likely will be lower under the Georgia Milestones assessment than they were under the CRCT standard. That doesn’t mean Georgia students have regressed. Milestones sets the bar for proficiency higher than CRCT did.

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BARRY LEVINE: Nice to be first in the music world

THE OLD ROCKER: Williams ranked No. 1 among piano recording artists

Renowned pianist Roger Williams earned that honor. He recorded an instrumental version of “Autumn Leaves” in 1955. The song climbed to No. 1 in October of that year to become the first instrumental in the rock era to top the Billboard magazine charts.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Social media feed violence by narcissists

OPINION: We watched, so the Virginia shooter got just what he wanted

Between 1966 and 2012, there were 90 mass shootings in the United States. That’s nearly a third of the 292 mass shootings around the world, in a country with only 5 percent of the global population.

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CAL THOMAS: U.S., UK politics mirror images

OPINION: Often, only the accents are different

The decline in the number of congressional Democrats since 2009 provides an opportunity for Republicans to convince a majority of voters not to continue down the road that has led to decline and dysfunction at home and overseas.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Born to Run' at 40 ... just as great as ever

OPINION: Classic Springsteen album remains a rock and roll classis

Although it is just as vital today as it was when it was released — Aug. 25, 1975 — Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Born to Run” just turned 40.

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JIM HENDRICKS: A Trumpful entry into the White House

OPINION: Changes would be in the works with The Donald running things

It’s Jan. 20, 2017. The place is the Oval Office of the White House. The door opens, and in walks the newly sworn 45th president of the United States of America and his entourage.

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MANDY FLYNN: Doggone it, don't judge me

LIFESTYLE COLUMNIST: Facebook protocol on anniversaries, dog days is confusing

Would it be inconsiderate and a little weird to share my undying love for my dogs in such a public way when, just two days earlier, it had been my 24th wedding anniversary and, well, I hadn’t posted anything?

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PERRY BUCHAHAN: Fitness is more than just numbers on a scale

HEALTH & FITNESS: Low-carb dieters can be fooled by weight fluctuations

On any given day, the scale can lie and your true progress won’t be accurately reflected by your weight. This is because body weight can fluctuate on a daily basis due to the amount of fluid retained.

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MARY BRASWELL: Looking Back at Septembers past

HISTORY: While no one will ever forget 9/11, see what else has happened in Septembers gone by

In September 1935, the swastika flag was made the official flag of Germany.

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LACEY SHORTER: Community garden a healthy project

GUEST COLUMN: Community gardens bring veggies to food deserts

Community garden projects are a wonderful way to beautify communities while offering an service that is desperately needed to the area.

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DICK YARBROUGH: Gov. Deal's communications director ready to try it on his own

OPINION: Being communications chief for a governor is a high-wire act without a net

Unless you are one of the intrepid public servants we keep sending back to the Gold Dome to get you out of our hair, or a lizard-loafered lobbyist lurking around the Capitol with free lunch coupons or members of the news media with coffee stains on their shirts and cynicism in their hearts, the name Brian Robinson may be unfamiliar to you.

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CREEDE HINSHAW; Joy can break out into Happy Socks

OPINION: Not everyone comes to church happy

I’ve always enjoyed a nice pair of socks. For years I would reserve various pairs of argyle socks only for Friday, my “off day” in ministry. It felt good to look wear snappier socks on that day. So now on the day when I am delighted to be in worship, I wear my Happy Socks.

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GEORGE WILL: Donald Trump defines down the GOP

OPINION: Trump proposes to deport illegal immigrants and their children born in the U.S.

It has come to this: The GOP, formerly the party of Lincoln and ostensibly the party of liberty and limited government, is being defined by clamors for a mass roundup and deportation of millions of human beings.

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JOHN WALLACE: You can't fool everyone all of the time

GUEST COLUMN: The Greatest Show on Earth is just getting started

Now you might think trying to watch three rings at one time is confusing. Well, that’s because it is and that’s the way we like it. Welcome to the 2016 presidential race.