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MICHAEL GERSON: Seeking mutual respect amid conflict

OPINION: The war on terrorism cannot be won without Muslim allies

Under U.S. law, blasphemy is fully protected speech, precisely because there is no public orthodoxy. Religious people of all backgrounds should recognize that this legal neutrality on religion has produced a society remarkably amenable to religion.

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T. GAMBLE: Swimming against the tide of climate change

OPINION: The ocean is rising at a quick snails pace

Next time you are at the beach, look at the high-tide mark and then move it forward toward your beach house, hotel, etc., 7 inches. That is where it will be in another 110 years.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Spending that pays for itself

OPINION: Across-the-board cuts is not a smart way to run a business, or a government

Seemingly every presidential election cycle, at least one candidate pledges to use his or her C-suite bona fides to whip the feds into shape. Specifically, to “run government like a business.”

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EDDIE SEAGLE: Keep your plants healthy and colorful

GEORGIA CLIPPINGS: A weekly look at home gardens and landscapes

May is here and the weather is awesome. Flowers are blooming and the pollen is all around. So, let’s look at some basic plant needs to keep them more healthy and colorful.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Warning: Misspoken words don't mix well with crow

OPINION: Elitist musicologists gain true wisdom in one semester of college

Passing on the wisdom of a hard lesson learned.

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RONDA RICH: The Yankee and the pocketknife

THE DIXIE DIVA: The sexiest men drive pickup trucks and carry pocket knives.

A few months ago, a reader showed up at an event I was doing and handed me a newspaper clipping of a column I wrote eight or nine years ago. He grinned happily after he asked me to sign it. “That’s me to a tee.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a Case knife. “Got more at home, too.” He pointed out the window. “That’s my truck, too. Got another one at home.”

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MICHAEL LOMAX: 'Hot Pursuit' is a hot mess

FILM COMMENTARY: Problems center more on writing that acting

Reese Witherspoon plays by-the-book police officer Rose Cooper who, after an unfortunate Taser incident, finds herself chained to an evidence storeroom desk. She finds herself on a protection team to escort a Colombian drug informant and his loudmouth wife Daniella Riva (Sofia Vergara).

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TOM PURCELL: Where's Dad?

OPINION: Fathers were not considered buffoons when I was a young boy in the 1970s.

I didn’t know it when I was young, but I was one of the luckiest young men on the planet. I had a father who loved me and imposed his will on me.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Band-aid solutions for homeless Senate worker

OPINION: Messages pour in with offiers of help

In short, he has received all sorts of support, both of the moral and monetary persuasion, and the generosity has been truly heartwarming. But he is also mindful that these one-time gifts are, in his words, “just a Band-Aid.”

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Ben Carson in danger of losing all respect

OPINION: Politics may overwhelm his other accomplishments

Ben Carson will likely be remembered as the GOP’s latest black mascot, a court jester, a minstrel show. He’ll be the Herman Cain of 2016.

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MANDY FLYNN: Mama doesn't do that anymore

FEATURES COLUMNIST: Memories of Grace brighten because of encounter

My heart skipped the tiniest beat and I felt a loss for words. Was she mad? Was she going to tell me how horrible I was to write about her sister and her niece? Was she going to make a scene?

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STEVE AND COKIE ROBERTS: The Why Not Me election

OPINION: Fence-sitters encouraged to run for office

As more candidates declare for president — three Republicans joined the fray just this week — they encourage the remaining fence-sitters to take a run more seriously.

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BARRY LEVINE: Mama a favorite topic for popular songs

OLD ROCKER: Songs that honor mother in the title

Unquestionably known more for his acting ability than his singing skill, Walter Brennan had his third and last Top 40 tune when “Mama Sang a Song” reached No. 38.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany city manager vote not about politics

OPINION: Constituents should demand careful choice by Albany City Commission

The selection of a new city manager for Albany’s government should be of primary concern for citizens.

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RONDA RICH: Mama B: A most memorable mother

THE DIXIE DIVA: Bedelle Nix, a memorable name for an unforgettable woman

As my sister’s mother-in-law, Mama B, as she was known all over the countryside, became part of our family when I was seven. This introduction into our family meant that Mama B, a strong, mindful woman, would meet the closest thing to a match she would ever encounter: My mama.