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BARRY LEVINE: Davy Crockett bagged big bucks in the 1950s

THE OLD ROCKER: Four artists had Top 10 hits with same song

Bill Hayes’ Davy Crockett song was the biggest hit of 1955.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Opening Day tradition a special time

OPINION: A kid, a hotdog and a baseball game are about as good as it gets

Baseball’s the kind of special game that let’s you turn back the clock to some favorite memories while you’re making new ones.

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MANDY FLYNN: Hearing is believing

FEATURES COLUMNIST: You should hear what youre ignoring

The sign on the door read “Free Hearing Tests Today.” A free hearing test wouldn’t be such a bad idea, I thought, so I pulled a buggy from the corral outside the entrance and pushed inside

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DICK YARBROUGH: It's my misfortune to miss Fortune again

OPINION: Curses! Snubbed again!

Fortune Magazine has announced its list of the World’s Greatest Leaders for 2015 and would you believe that I got snubbed again this year?

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CAL THOMAS: Carly Fiorina, a woman of accomplishment

OPINION: Hillary Clinton may not become the first woman U.S. president

Carly Fiorina, for HP CEO, says that, unlike a male candidate, she could better take on Hillary Clinton: “No matter what that man says, she will play the gender card or the war on women card. She won’t be able to do that with me.”

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HAL BRADY: Peace among religions would lead to peace in the world

FAITH COLUMNIST: Hostility between religions is holding back peace

Members of the world's different religions must find common ground to set the groundwork for peace and understanding.

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CREEDE HINSHAW: Sanctuary works wonder on young grandson

FAITH COLUMNIST: Faith is seeping into the heart and soul of a child

He will one day know that people can worship God anywhere and everywhere, but now – without being told – he is grasping that church is the place where all generations for all ages gather to glorify God as a living body.

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MICHAEL GERSON: If our heroism is hopeless

OPINION: The apocalypse has been much on my mind

The proliferation of nuclear weapons since World War II has been relatively slow. And the current global balance of power makes a world-ending, ozone-layer-destroying, nuclear-winter-inducing exchange unlikely. But it doesn’t take much historical imagination to spin a scenario in which, at some point over the next century, a different balance obtains.

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GREG KIRK: First legislative session a learning opportunity

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: HB 170 is expected to create approximately $900 million in revenue for Georgia transportation

When the Senate gaveled out of session at midnight on day 40, I was pleased with the number of bills passed that promote fiscal responsibility, create opportunities for business expansion and job creation, improve public safety measures, and provide students with nothing less than a superior education.

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T. GAMBLE: Easter Bunny is enjoying prosperous times

OPINION: Easter Bunny gifts have been greatly upgraded in recent years

The concept of the Easter Bunny may be hard to believe, but not as difficult as thinking the Atlanta Falcons might one day win the Super Bowl.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Pensacola, Fla., does redevelopment right

OPINION: West Florida city has completely remade its crumbling downtown

Pensacola, Fla.’s downtown a decade ago looked much like Albany’s. Now it is a resurrected showcase.

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TOM PURCELL: Oh, the misery of tax time

OPINION: I owe the IRS again

The income tax code has grown from 16 pages in 1913 to 73,954 today.

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RONDA RICH: Shopping in person a pleasure

THE DIXIE DIVA: In seeking convenience, we lose wonderful things, like independent bookstores

I, like many of you, love shopping that is easy and requires no effort or gas. It is because of us – yes, you and I – that bookstores, built from brick and mortar, are disappearing. Especially the small, independent ones. We should be ashamed.

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MICHAEL LOMAX: 'Furious 7' speeds ahead with no subtlety

FILM COMMENTARY: The latest installment goes down the same road as its predecessors

“Furious 7,” like so many blockbusters, is about managing expectations and turning a blind eye to subtlety, especially now that we’re officially entering the summer season.

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MICHAEL GERSON: The remarkable achievement of Iran

OPINION: The Obama administration kept bar of expectations low, then cleared it

Will this agreement give the Iranian regime cover for what it is currently doing in the Middle East — actively spreading its influence and threatening our allies? Negotiations on the nuclear issue have taken place in isolation from the ballistic missile issue; the terrorism issue; the regional destabilization issue.