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CARLTON FLETCHER: Local artist: Music scene in Albany? What music scene?

OPINION: Musician registers complaints about local music venues, promoters

An Albany musician offers his own state-of-the-music report on area venues and gig opportunities.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: It's early, but Albany's municipal elections loom

OPINION: Mayor, three Albany City Commission seats will be up for election

Municipal elections are seven months away, but Albany races are expected to heat up long before then.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Jim Bouton's 'Ball Four' had lasting impact on baseball, writer

OPINION: Former Yankee's tell-all book changed sports forever

Rereading Ball Four reminds the writer what an impact the book had on his life.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: When it comes to trash, Southwest Georgia rules

OPINION: Lee, Dougherty roadways overflowing with residents’ litter

Hands down, Southwest Georgia is one of, if not the, trashiest places in the state.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Today's pop is about Top 1,5 not 40

OPINION: Modern popular music leaves little room for new acts

It’s a numbers game with today’s popular music, and the numbers are much smaller.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Men, women have different takes on beards

OPINION: Smart women know why men really grow whiskers

The never-ending battle of the sexes even surfaces in the debate over beards.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Tom Berry has been right man for Albany

OPINION: Interim city manager has pushed beneficial agenda

As an interim employee, Tom Berry has been able to push through politically iffy city measures.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Dr. Phillip Roberts' legacy one of healing, caring

OPINION: Retiring oncologist touched thousands of lives during amazing career

Dr. Phillip Roberts carries a legacy of healing and caring into his well-deserved retirement.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Finding a cure for the self-pity blues

OPINION: Inspiration comes with no legs and two wheels

Images help put life’s hardships — real and imagined — in perspective.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Tis the season of sad songs, indignant zealots

OPINION: Sorry, self-righteous, Hanukkah has dibs on holiday season

The joy of Christmas still has room for a lot of sad songs.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: I'm starting one-man, shop-local campaign

OPINION: Mom-and-pops fight uphill battle against retail giants

Pledge will mean additional business for locally-owned retailers.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Sinyard deserves time out of the public's eye

OPINION: Long-time civil servant plans to devote more time to business, family

Jeff Sinyard will preside over his final meeting of the Dougherty County Commission Monday.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Georgia election was a foregone conclusion

OPINION: Media kept elections close to generate more ad revenue

The only surprise rising from last month’s general election in Georgia is that some were surprised by the results.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany State University President Art Dunning wants seat at economic development table

OPINION: Albany State president: There's so much potential here

Albany State University President Art Dunning says higher education can have a huge impact on the region’s economic development.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ferguson has become a sad microcosm of America

OPINION: Deadly incident widens the breach of American race relations

Extremists on both sides of the color divide have used the shooting of Michael Brown to illustrate the worst of each other.