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CARLTON FLETCHER: Misinformation from high places

OPINION: Officials who should know better get facts wrong

Albany’s Job-Enhancement Fund misunderstood by high-ranking officials.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany Police Chief Michael Persley passes first big test

OPINION: Rookie chief stands firm in face of commission interrogation

New Albany Police Department Chief Michael Persley earns respect in his first public challenge on the job.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: A mature Luke Bryan's fifth album is his best yet

MUSIC REVIEW: Home-grown country music superstar's new album due for release Aug. 7

Luke Bryan’s exploration of some of life’s grown-up mysteries helps make his latest batch of songs his best album ever, a tour de force that should keep him on the country album and singles charts for the next several months.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Politics today: My party, right or wrong

OPINION: Party politics has made America meaner

Partisan party politics is making Americans a lot meaner.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Today's legal buzz phrase: I'm gonna get paid

OPINION: Some lawsuits have perverted the concept of justice

Victimhood has become a lucrative profession for some who hire the right lawyer.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: What the yelp? Social media sniping

OPINION: Online reviews open door for mean-spirited commentary

Social media review sites offer opportunities to hurt businesses.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: On the 4th, a Declaration of Dependence

OPINION: A 239-year-old historic document needs an updated makeover

America in 2015 is ready for a July 4th Declaration of Dependence.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany budget offers hope for Civic Center revival

OPINION: Recreation Director Joel Holmes plans to use funding to bring shows to Albany venue

Funding in the city of Albany’s budget is included for the promotion of events at the long-dormant Albany Civic Center.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Another shooting ... time to crank up the propaganda machine

OPINION: All the cliches resurface when there's a gun-related tragedy

Right on cue, the NRA propaganda machine cranked up in the aftermath of the South Carolina church shooting.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Thunderbird' a poignant Father's Day reminder

OPINION: Singer Marc Cohn stirs memories of the bond between father and son

Some songs have the capacity to stir feelings and emotions that are buried soul deep.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: A cry to the gods of politics: No more Bushes

OPINION: Candidate Jeb Bushs family failures impossible to shake

All these candidates running for president, and we’re staring at the prospects of another Bush or Clinton.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Stiff punishment doesn't always fit the crime

OPINION: Is strict adherence to rule worth students' futures?

An area student pays a stiff price for an innocent enough mistake.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany City Commission meeting offers a glimpse of what could be

OPINION: Roberson, Albany employees impressive at City Commission meeting

Albany government officials offer an optimistic look at the coming fiscal year during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Are words the next victims of evolution?

OPINION: OMG, you actually write down words? LOL

Stringing together the appropriate words is becoming a lost art.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Shawn Mendes wows teen, tween crowd at Wild Adventures

OPINION: Teen pop star provides his own accompaniment at Valdosta show

Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes draws the adoring shrieks of teens and tweens during his Wild Adventures performance.