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CARLTON FLETCHER: Politics 2014 -- Spell president with a capital 'D'

OPINION: Republics need a new strategy with 2016 on the horizon

The GOP’s strategy of alienating women and minorities doesn’t play well in presidential politics.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cautious optimism surrounds ADICA' pre-development agreement

OPINION: Development master plan encompasses 115.7 acres of land, most along Flint River

Private-sector interest in a downtown Albany development plan has many in the community cautiously optimistic.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Move by Albany fire officials, Dougherty County may have $10 million impact

OPINION: ISO ruling could save homeowners thousands

The Dougherty County Commission approves the purchase of equipment that may save homeowners millions.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Fear, uncertainty face Seasons Christian's senior citizen residents

OPINION: Retirement center files for bankruptcy protection, residents left in limbo

Senior citizens who reside at the Seasons Christian Care retirement center face an uncertain financial future.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Godfather I and II kings of guy movies

OPINION: What self-respecting dude will pay to see The Notebook?

When it comes to Guy Movies and Chick Flicks, the battle of the sexes heats up.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Love can often be found in the simplest gesture

OPINION: We’re never too old to learn … or teach

And elderly couple offers a simple explanation for everlasting love.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Bro pack' claims monopoly on musical wisdom

OPINION: Reader has no use for 'creepy' older people

A Herald reader suggests the art of music is intended for the young.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss one of few leaders left in Washington

OPINION: Moultrie Republican winding down 20-year congressional career

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CARLTON FLETCHER: This younger generation today needs ... better 'toons

OPINION: A closer look at the best and worst animated shows of all-time

I’m worried about today’s kids: They’ve got no good cartoons to numb their little brains.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Retail is for suckers … like men shoppers

OPINION: Bargain shopping is encoded on women’s DNA

When it comes to finding products at the lowest possible prices, men can’t hold a candle to their female counterparts.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Congress has become a Frankenstein's monster we created

OPINION: Give leaders a break; they're representing their constituents

Maybe we should take a look in the mirror before we become too critical of our elected leaders.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Lee County officials plan tribute to fallen heroes

OPINION: Veterans Memorial Highway to be named in honor of war fighters’ ultimate sacrifice

Twenty-two Lee Countians who lost their lives in service to the country are to be memorialized.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ed Lightsey was one of journalism';s true originals

OPINION: TV reporter, writer lived a compelling life to the end

Getting to know journalist Ed Lightsey proves that misguided first impressions aren’t always the best.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Sorry, Granddaddy Bill, but I say, Bring the noise

OPINION: Respect for artists who make joyful, beautiful noise

Music fans know: One person’s noise is others’ slice of heaven.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Educators' plan could change Albany

OPINION: Historic collaborative effort could have far-reaching impact

The presidents of Albany’s institutions of higher education are working with the county school system’s superintendent to improve education.