Carlton Fletcher


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CARLTON FLETCHER: Sorry, Granddaddy Bill, but I say, Bring the noise

OPINION: Respect for artists who make joyful, beautiful noise

Music fans know: One person’s noise is others’ slice of heaven.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Educators' plan could change Albany

OPINION: Historic collaborative effort could have far-reaching impact

The presidents of Albany’s institutions of higher education are working with the county school system’s superintendent to improve education.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Tragic encounter leaves permanent scars

OPINION: Albany leaders face tough choice on pit bull ordinance

A mother’s tragic story offers another side to Albany’s proposed pit bull ordinance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Finding the fine line between inspiration and what was I thinking?

OPINION: Albany officials encouraged after annual retreat

Albany city leaders say they recharged their batteries at a two-day-plus reteat in Thomasville.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Proposed Georgia gun bill removes few remaining restrictions

OPINION: State headed back to the days of the Wild West

Proposed gun legislation in the Georgia legislature allows deadly weapons to be legally carried in churches and bars.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Dougherty County voters could bring about big changes

OPINION: Drastic remakes of Dougherty Commission, School Board possible

With a number of seats up for grabs and key officials set to step down, the 2014 local elections will bring significant changes.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Beatles’ ‘Ed Sullivan’ magic just as potent 50 years later

OPINION: World celebrates famous Fab Four anniversary

Beatlemania flourished in America 50 years ago after John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr appeared on a popular TV show.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Medical marijuana bill would benefit Georgia

OPINION: Proposed House bill would strictly limit access to medical cannabis oil

A Republican Georgia representative has introduced a bill that would make medical marijuana legal in the state.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Area officials were well-prepared for weather event

OPINION: ‘Prepare for worst, hope for best’ worked nicely in Albany, Dougherty County

Government leaders often draw our ire, but area officials deserve praise for their preparedness during the recent winter storm event.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: This year, the Grammys got it right

OPINION: Music moves front and center at Grammy Awards

The folks who put on the annual Grammy awards show focused on the music this year, making the show a memorable one.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cold weather warms climate change deniers hearts

OPINION: Who needs evidence when you have got Sarah Palin and the Koch brothers?

A winter cold snap brings out the climate change deniers who have no use for scientific data.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Weekend project dredges up the manly arts

OPINION: Unable to withstand the call of the wall

A weekend construction project offers a reminder of where “word-typer” lands on the manliness scale.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Christie 'scandal' is politics as usual

OPINION: New Jersey governor just doing what politicians do

Color me not very surprised by latest “scandal” involving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany city commissioner tries to take bite out of pit bull ordinance

OPINION: Procedure will delay implementation of specific-breed dangerous dog ordinance

An Albany city commissioner’s call for a second reading of a pit bull ordinance delays implementation of the ordinance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Veteran/Boy Scout master carries his battle forth

OPINION: For some, its always about others

A chance call by an ailing Army veteran offers a memorable wake-up call.