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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany-Dougherty leaders must look forward in 2014

OPINION: A number of crucial issues face Albany-Dougherty leaders in New Year

Cutliff Grove, a long-delayed multimodal transportation site and finding potential successors for two proven leaders should be among area leaders’ priorities in 2014.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: I'm happy Christmas is over ... and this is why

OPINION: Christmas gouging season is over, but don't get too comfortable

As wonderful as the Christmas season is, there are reasons we celebrate its coming and going.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Phil Robertson wrongly held up as Christian ideal

OPINION: TV reality star an odd choice for martyrdom

Phil Robertson’s anti-gay comments have made him the latest divisive celebrity cause.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany citizens take care of their own

OPINION: Grassroots 'adoption' program community at its best

Southwest Georgians exhibit a giving spirit in response to local businesswomen’s “adoption” challenge.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 2013 predates entertainments new world order

OPINION: Old-school gems exist in dawning digital age

A rapper with a conscience, literary sequels and emerging pop princesses highlight entertainment in 2013.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: For some, Arctic Bear offers painful memories

OPINION: Talk of re-opening landmark Albany restaurant not welcome by all

A landmark Albany restaurant and its iconic sign unlock humiliating memories for some Southwest Georgians.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: On the road with Jesus of Hazlehurst

OPINION: Kindness of strangers in short supply

Has America’s struggles killed off the true spirit of Christmas?

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CARLTON FLETCHER: State insurance commissioner: Illnesses sick people's fault

OPINION: Ralph Hudgens applauds insurance exclusion for pre-existing illnesses

Georgia’s insurance commissioner suggests sick people are responsible for their own illnesses.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany business owners challenge others to adopt families

OPINION: Grassroots campaign could impact Albany holiday season

Albany small business owners are challenging their peers to help make the holidays brighter for struggling families.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Series resurfaces memories of personal cancer battle

OPINION: Tangibles, intangibles vital to one person's cancer survival

Promoting early detection is the goal that inspires cancer survivors to tell their stories.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cancer series offers stories of hope, triumph

OPINION: 'Cancer Chronicles' features survivors, medical heroes

Cancer survivors tell their individual stories in a special holiday series.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: A lesson or two on the price of righteousness

OPINION: Promise of help from minister comes at a cost

Despite a growing number of religious scandals, there are still righteous men and women who serve God.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Aviation board's actions 'plane' wrong

OPINION: Architect's extra efforts snubbed by Aviation Commission

The Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission didnt see a reason to reward architect for voluntarily going the extra mile when considering a project bid.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Shop Local is do or die for small businesses

OPINION: Taxes collected from local sales impact services in a community

Local merchants are “dreaming green” as the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Republicans use food stamps to scare their base

OPINION: Congress continues to fail those who put its members in office

Republicans in Congress are using the food of poor people as a bargaining chip to exert control.