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CARLTON FLETCHER: Political activism involves more than a computer keyboard

OPINION: Primary vote will change the face of local government

Potential voters who want to impact local government have to do more than rant about it.

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FRIDAY JAM: The top-selling albums

FRIDAY JAM: Here's some solid goald from the album era

The top-selling albums of all time as listed by the Recording Industry Association of America

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CARLTON FLETCHER: In sports, I'll take the human element over replay

OPINION: MLB replay system interrupts rhythm of the game

Major League Baseball owners have gone too far in their quest to “always get it right.”

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Ill-advised WG&L appointment comes back to bite city

OPINION: Resignation leaves utility board a member short again

The Albany City Commission’s appointment of Rashad Flournoy to its WG&L board was a disservice to Flournoy and the board.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: City of Albany right to seek panhandler ordinance

OPINION: Businesses, citizens concerned about overly aggressive handout seekers

The city of Albany is considering an ordinance that would allow police to deal with overly aggressive panhandlers.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Suicide a common part of rock-and-roll life

FRIDAY JAM SESSION: Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide updated 'day the music died'

Suicide has been the cause of death for a number of talented musicians during the rock and roll era.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry creates 'Magic' on new disc

BSC's release coming Tuesday is the best album so far in 2014

Kentucky rockers Black Stone Cherry satisfy rock fans’ need for quality new music.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Local candidates work across party, office lines

OPINION: There are still politicians who put the voters first

Albany and Dougherty County politicians from different parties and boards are working together for the good of the community.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany officials growing weary of Commissioner Tommie Postell's antics

OPINION: Albany elected officials confrontational manner disrupts commission meetings

Ward VI Albany City Commissioner Tommie Postell is growing increasingly confrontational during commission meetings.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Finding favor with Caribbean Flavor

OPINION: Chance stop-off adds to great-local-places-to-eat list

Wendell Joseph draws on the spice of his homeland — Trinidad and Tobago — to create unique cuisine.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Regifting' reaquaints long-lost 'friends'

OPINION: Musical nostalgia strengthens father-son bond

Son’s return of long-lost CDs is like being reacquainted with old friends.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Politics 2014 -- Spell president with a capital 'D'

OPINION: Republics need a new strategy with 2016 on the horizon

The GOP’s strategy of alienating women and minorities doesn’t play well in presidential politics.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Cautious optimism surrounds ADICA' pre-development agreement

OPINION: Development master plan encompasses 115.7 acres of land, most along Flint River

Private-sector interest in a downtown Albany development plan has many in the community cautiously optimistic.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Move by Albany fire officials, Dougherty County may have $10 million impact

OPINION: ISO ruling could save homeowners thousands

The Dougherty County Commission approves the purchase of equipment that may save homeowners millions.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Fear, uncertainty face Seasons Christian's senior citizen residents

OPINION: Retirement center files for bankruptcy protection, residents left in limbo

Senior citizens who reside at the Seasons Christian Care retirement center face an uncertain financial future.