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CARLTON FLETCHER: Please, God, no more political campaign ads

OPINION: Georgia candidates lies, half-truths reached new lows

If nothing else good came of it, Tuesday’s election marked the end (hopefully) of political ad campaigns for a while.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany in danger of becoming Southwest Georgia's 'McDollarMart' city

OPINION: Albany's attempts to maintain relevancy -- One step up, two steps back

Despite the efforts of some, Albany is becoming a city of watchers and not doers.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Has voting become an exercise of 'convenience'?

OPINION: Extremists have skewed definition of 'hardship'

Sunday’s historic early voting period in Dougherty County was an exercise in convenience.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: "Historically black" are the key words in HBCU

OPINION: Albany State University was founded to provide educational opportunities for black students

Albany’s relationship with Albany State University has softened around the green of the university alumni’s money.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Elections Board member draws heat for Sunday vote

OPINION: Blankenship chose principle over party, to the dismay of leadership

Dougherty Elections Board member Walter Blankenship is drawing behind-the-scenes heat for a principled decision.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Burying a 30-year-old UGA hatchet

OPINION: Call from former UGA coach Goff ends three decades of enmity

A long-held anti-UGA conceit is wiped away after a conversation with the writer’s unwitting nemesis.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Todd Gurley suspension made by NCAA hypocrites

OPINION: Colleges, NCAA guilty of exploiting athletes

The suspension of UGA running back Todd Gurley for selling his autograph is the NCAA at its most absurd.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Casualties of a good old-fashioned gas war

OPINION: For part of a day, it was the ’90s all over again

A mini gas war lowers the price of gasoline to $2.43 a gallon before calmer heads prevailed.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Don't blame the politicians; we're the ones who elected them

OPINION: Voting for most qualified now a radical thought

While we’re casting blame on our political leaders, we need to take a look in the mirror.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Hope grows around downtown development

OPINION: Optimism prevails after panel discussion

All parties involved in Albany’s downtown redevelopment indicate optimism about progress soon.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Insurance industry has taken over America

OPINION: Insurance corporations are taking from premium payers

The poorly regulated insurance industry has taken control of America, living by its own skewed rules.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Emergency personnel are true super heroes

OPINION: Politicians can’t skimp on funding first responders

When it’s budget time, politicians curry favor with a simple mantra: Cut spending, cut spending, cut spending.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Roots tour offers a chance for reconnection

OPINION: Vacation trip provides 800 miles of clarity

A vacation trip reintroduces a father and daughter to family values.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Countdown proves it -- '70s music rules!

OPINION: No classic song on horizon to displace Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway'

A recent music countdown proves once again the best rock music ever was made in the 1970s.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Why not a true coalition to fight homelessness?

OPINION: Combined agencies would have greater impact

Albany’s service agencies that fight homelessness would have greater resources if united.