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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany, Dougherty officials should move on rec complex

OPINION: SPLOST-funded complex could promote economic development

Albany and Dougherty County officials are considering pooling benefits to build a state-of-the-art recreation complex.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Country star Darius Rucker offers perfect holiday record

New album by ex-Hootie & the Blowfish frontman is just right for holiday gatherings

Darius Rucker is deeply invested in his Capitol Records Nashville holiday album.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Sam Hunt's 'Montevallo' one of year's best albums

Ex-jock's debut album has taken Nashville by storm

Sam Hunt serves notice that he is a heavyweight country music contender with his excellent debut album Montevallo.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Annual fair exists in no-complaint zone

OPINION: Exchange Club’s annual extravaganza a family tradition

Despite some people’s nagging complaints, there’s just something about going to the fair.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany City Commission, Tom Berry moving city forward

OPINION: Albany leadership has put together leaner, more fiscally responsible team

Under the leadership of the refocused City Commission and City Manager Tom Berry, the Albany city government is making significant strides.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Greatest music defies era, genre, categorization

OPINION: Certain artists create musical works that have lasting impact

Some musicians have left bodies of work that defy simple categorization.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Please, God, no more political campaign ads

OPINION: Georgia candidates lies, half-truths reached new lows

If nothing else good came of it, Tuesday’s election marked the end (hopefully) of political ad campaigns for a while.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany in danger of becoming Southwest Georgia's 'McDollarMart' city

OPINION: Albany's attempts to maintain relevancy -- One step up, two steps back

Despite the efforts of some, Albany is becoming a city of watchers and not doers.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Has voting become an exercise of 'convenience'?

OPINION: Extremists have skewed definition of 'hardship'

Sunday’s historic early voting period in Dougherty County was an exercise in convenience.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: "Historically black" are the key words in HBCU

OPINION: Albany State University was founded to provide educational opportunities for black students

Albany’s relationship with Albany State University has softened around the green of the university alumni’s money.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Elections Board member draws heat for Sunday vote

OPINION: Blankenship chose principle over party, to the dismay of leadership

Dougherty Elections Board member Walter Blankenship is drawing behind-the-scenes heat for a principled decision.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Burying a 30-year-old UGA hatchet

OPINION: Call from former UGA coach Goff ends three decades of enmity

A long-held anti-UGA conceit is wiped away after a conversation with the writer’s unwitting nemesis.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Todd Gurley suspension made by NCAA hypocrites

OPINION: Colleges, NCAA guilty of exploiting athletes

The suspension of UGA running back Todd Gurley for selling his autograph is the NCAA at its most absurd.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Casualties of a good old-fashioned gas war

OPINION: For part of a day, it was the ’90s all over again

A mini gas war lowers the price of gasoline to $2.43 a gallon before calmer heads prevailed.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Don't blame the politicians; we're the ones who elected them

OPINION: Voting for most qualified now a radical thought

While we’re casting blame on our political leaders, we need to take a look in the mirror.