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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany City Commission meeting offers a glimpse of what could be

OPINION: Roberson, Albany employees impressive at City Commission meeting

Albany government officials offer an optimistic look at the coming fiscal year during Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Are words the next victims of evolution?

OPINION: OMG, you actually write down words? LOL

Stringing together the appropriate words is becoming a lost art.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Shawn Mendes wows teen, tween crowd at Wild Adventures

OPINION: Teen pop star provides his own accompaniment at Valdosta show

Canadian singing sensation Shawn Mendes draws the adoring shrieks of teens and tweens during his Wild Adventures performance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Misinformation hinders Albany's growth

OPINION: Sound-bite wisdom part of negative perception

Misinformation based on often third-hand sources hurts Albany’s ability to move forward.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Tom Berry's departure has city of Albany at fork in the road

OPINION: City Commission looking for right fit in its new city manager

The city of Albany’s immediate future will be impacted greatly by its new city manager’s ability to work with city leaders.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Sorry, dudes, time waits for no one

OPINION: Karma lurks for those who belittle others

“Old” may be a state of mind, but it’s also a state of being.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Warning: Misspoken words don't mix well with crow

OPINION: Elitist musicologists gain true wisdom in one semester of college

Passing on the wisdom of a hard lesson learned.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany city manager vote not about politics

OPINION: Constituents should demand careful choice by Albany City Commission

The selection of a new city manager for Albany’s government should be of primary concern for citizens.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: We've traded in our activism for apathy

OPINION: There';s plenty to get upset about ... but we dont

Americans have settled for tweeting about their issues rather than doing anything about them.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: City Commissioner Jon Howard's comments focus spotlight on chamber, EDC

OPINION: Albany, Dougherty officials privately question effectiveness of business groups

Albany and Dougherty County officials are starting to question efforts by the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce and the Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: TV preachers go for the wallets, not the souls

OPINION: Got financial problems? TV evangelists still want your check

Many TV evangelists are still offering a spiritual pathway, but at a cost to you that supports their own high-priced lifestyles.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Don't underestimate the power of one person

OPINION: Change comes when people are willing to take risks

If enough individuals are willing to work to bring about change in their community, change will come.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Pensacola, Fla., does redevelopment right

OPINION: West Florida city has completely remade its crumbling downtown

Pensacola, Fla.’s downtown a decade ago looked much like Albany’s. Now it is a resurrected showcase.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany should have rental property codes

OPINION: City's slumlords not held to any standards

Some Albany landlords and property owners maintain substandard rental units because no property codes are in place.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Government plans to take on tobacco, cellphones

OPINION: Proposed legislation will curtail or end use of products deemed harmful

Leaked information from secret government hearings indicate cellphone usage in vehicles and tobacco products may soon be things of the past.