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CARLTON FLETCHER: Casualties of a good old-fashioned gas war

OPINION: For part of a day, it was the ’90s all over again

A mini gas war lowers the price of gasoline to $2.43 a gallon before calmer heads prevailed.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Don't blame the politicians; we're the ones who elected them

OPINION: Voting for most qualified now a radical thought

While we’re casting blame on our political leaders, we need to take a look in the mirror.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Hope grows around downtown development

OPINION: Optimism prevails after panel discussion

All parties involved in Albany’s downtown redevelopment indicate optimism about progress soon.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Insurance industry has taken over America

OPINION: Insurance corporations are taking from premium payers

The poorly regulated insurance industry has taken control of America, living by its own skewed rules.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Emergency personnel are true super heroes

OPINION: Politicians can’t skimp on funding first responders

When it’s budget time, politicians curry favor with a simple mantra: Cut spending, cut spending, cut spending.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Roots tour offers a chance for reconnection

OPINION: Vacation trip provides 800 miles of clarity

A vacation trip reintroduces a father and daughter to family values.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Countdown proves it -- '70s music rules!

OPINION: No classic song on horizon to displace Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway'

A recent music countdown proves once again the best rock music ever was made in the 1970s.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Why not a true coalition to fight homelessness?

OPINION: Combined agencies would have greater impact

Albany’s service agencies that fight homelessness would have greater resources if united.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: I haven't changed, it's the gun laws that have

OPINION: Georgia Legislature makes sure weapons are handy anywhere

Georgia lawmakers are making it easy for gun owners to carry their weapons anywhere.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Grammy-winner Christopher Cross' anger infuses new album 'Secret Ladder'

MUSIC REVIEW: 'Sailing' singer gets a few things off his chest on exceptional new work

Eighties Grammy darling Christopher Cross is set to release an album of new material on Sept. 12.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Pop (music) tarts have broad (backside) appeal

OPINION: Orange may be new black, but broad backside is new hot

Prodigious posteriors were the focus of the MTV Video Music Awards.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Gaines application a blow to city/county process

OPINION: Aviation Commission asked to ignore deadline and reconsider nominations

The Albany-Dougherty Aviation Commission is ordered to include Gloria Gaines as a candidate despite her late application.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Time has come for a closer look at ADICA

OPINION: Agency must redirect focus to maintain downtown relevance

Action by the quasi-governmental Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority has sparked debate about its future.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: John Prine ... John Denver ... There's a difference?

OPINION: Cover songs -- good and bad -- are a staple in music

Purists have made certain the author knows the difference between a John Prine original and a cover by John Denver.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Something's very wrong: I actually care about 'Masterchef'

OPINION: Dreaded cooking show has become must-see TV

Somewhere along the way, I’ve started to care about a cooking/reality TV show.