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CARLTON FLETCHER: Something's very wrong: I actually care about 'Masterchef'

OPINION: Dreaded cooking show has become must-see TV

Somewhere along the way, I’ve started to care about a cooking/reality TV show.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Community Market offers friends, neighbors chance to slow down

OPINION: Support necessary to keep weekly Tift Park event viable

Event organizers are guarding against a letdown at a weekly community marketplace.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Healthier and happier, still James Taylor's heart remains in Albany

OPINION: Former city manager settling into Florida retirement

James Taylor says he’s done well in the month since he left Albany.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: This time, Berry’s sticking to game plan

OPINION: The interim Albany city manager wastes no time in taking bold action

Albany interim City Manager Tom Berry’s plan will bring about restructuring of the city government.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: State Rep.-elect Darrel Ealum subject of Democrat, Republican whisper campaigns

OPINION: Darrel Ealum’s tenure in Atlanta is expected to draw close scrutiny

Months from taking office, Darrel Ealum is already the subject of both Democratic and Republican whisper campaigns.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: It's cowards who give up on downtown

OPINION: Much tougher cities than Albany have seen redevelopment

Cowardly words and actions help eradicate the American spirit.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: When it comes to camp songs, you can’t beat the classics

OPINION: ‘Gopher Guts’ has survived for generations

Writing a timeless camp song is the height of aspirations,

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MICHAEL GERSON: The dystopia next door

OPINION: The Giver will provoke political commentary

This is fairly serious stuff for a summertime movie. But it is precisely what causes “The Giver” to transcend the genre of teen literature it created.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: If clothes make the man, I'm in trouble

OPINION: You wear your Jimmy Choo … Im wearing Jimmy Buffett

For many, fashion seems to be all about style over substance.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Downtown is dangerous lament lacks proof

OPINION: Complaints usually come from people who avoid inner city

City officials refute the oft-repeated complaint that Albany’s downtown district is dangerous.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Albany gets a mix of the good and bad

OPINION: City sees positives, negatives in eventful week

The good maybe outweighed the bad by a little in an interesting week in the life of the city of Albany.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: Talk about your strange bedfellows …

OPINION: Albany government sees whirlwind changes

Tom Berry, who angrily resigned as interim GM of Albany’s utility authority, is nominated to serve as interim city manager.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: No lone issue defines City Manager James Taylor's tenure with city of Albany

OPINION: James Taylor — Lies sting when family hears them

Retired Marine James Taylor’s tenure as Albany’s city manager is expected to end soon.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: 'Loud' is a worthwhile rock and roll documentary

FRIDAY JAM SESSION: Guitarist summit is compelling viewing

Unlike most rock music documentaries, “It Might Get Loud” is worth watching.

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CARLTON FLETCHER: What's next for Albany's utility?

OPINION: Departure of interim GM Tom Berry will have impact throughout city government

The question for many in Albany, as the city tries to pick itself up from years of frustration, is what comes next after the departure of a key city official?