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Jim Hendricks

Jim Hendricks is editor of The Albany Herald. He is in charge of the editorial page and is responsible for news, sports, desk, photography and library operations. Phone: (229) 888-9352. E-mail: jim.hendricks@albanyherald.com

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JIM HENDRICKS: Opening Day tradition a special time

OPINION: A kid, a hotdog and a baseball game are about as good as it gets

Baseball’s the kind of special game that let’s you turn back the clock to some favorite memories while you’re making new ones.

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JIM HENDRICKS: A picture of Easter Sunday

OPINION: Tight shoes, starched shirts and squinty-eyed photos were worth it

Easter is a time of faith, celebration, family and hope. It’s also a time to remember.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Getting the unknown behind you

OPINION: A colonoscopy is your best defense against developing colon cancer

Last year, I decided to finally get a colonoscopy, which I should’ve done when I hit 50. It wasn’t something I’d consciously put off, more like something I’d never gotten around to. Plus the idea of someone running a camera through my colon, on the whole, wasn’t something I was looking forward to getting behind me, so to speak.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Some Cracked Mugs on a dreary day

OPINION: An the envelope please …

There’s nothing like a dreary day to bring to mind people and events that are disappointing.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift

OPINION: Advice to the lovelorn on the most romantic holiday of the year

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift isn’t the hard part. Getting it to the right person, however, can be a challenge.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Santa's simple Christmas wish

OPINION: Joe Farris is again preparing to cheer up young patients at St. Jude

Joe Farris, “the real Santa Claus,” will be making his final pickup Friday in Albany before heading north to cheer up young patients at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Wrong turn leads to a good turn

OPINION: A 82-year-old Thomasville woman helped by stranger in Albany

Calena Bennett, 82, was lost as she drove through Albany until a woman whose name she doesn’t know helped her find her way.

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JIM HENDRICKS: For one couple, a chance to celebrate holiday together a reason to be thankful

OPINION: A medical crisis strikes husband hundreds of miles away in Albany

Hundreds of miles from home, the aid from stangers in Albany give a North Carolina man facing a medical crisis and his wife a new reason to be thankful.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Here's more mud in your eye

OPINION: For choice, how about None of These Candidates? | POLL

With all the mud that’s been slung — particularly in the U.S. Senate race for the seat being vacated by Saxby Chambliss — it’s a wonder bordering on a bona fide miracle that the state of Georgia, in its entirety, has not summarily slid into the Atlantic Ocean in a California-grade mudslide.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Popping the top on the good ol' days

OPINION: There is little downside when it comes to nostalgia

Get-rich schemes require self control and avoiding thirsty weekends.

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JIM HENDRICKS: The tragedy is for those left behind

OPINION: Many struggle with the same internal demons that claimed Robin Williams

Every life has real value, if only we would take a objective look at ourselves.

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JIM HENDRICKS: On Father's Day, just be a good dad

OPINION: Kids don't require perfection, which is convenient for imperfect dads

What a dad finds out is, yeah, you’ll make some mistakes — plenty of them, in fact, many of which will be pointed out to you by your wife in no uncertain terms. And unlike video games there are no do-overs. You have to do the best you can to rectify them. But most important, you never let your kid wonder whether you love him or her. And you make sure they know you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Sometimes marriage beats the odds

OPINION: Old habits can be hard to break

After more than a quarter century of marriage, those who know me agree that there remains one great mystery to be solved.

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JIM HENDRICKS: A Christmas gift worth keeping

OPINION: There is a piece of Christmas that, once received, you'll always want to keep

While a great many folks would like to forget about the holiday season, at least one part of it is worth holding onto the year around.

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JIM HENDRICKS: Wait! Is it Christmas already?

OPINION: Despite its bold presence on the calendar, Christmas has a way of sneaking up on us

In striving to create a perfect Christmas, we too often overlook what makes it special.