Letters to the Editor


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MARCIA JOHNSON: Emergency medical team a blessing to patient, family

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Quick medical work makaes survival of widow maker possible

Chest pain center medical staff and EMS team enable patient to survive critical heart attack.

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WALT SPECHT: Vermont visits always enlighten

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School district votes on school budgets not a bad idea for south Georgia

Issues over school spending, reckless behavior and crooked politicians are crop up in North as much as they do in the South.

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JOHN BRYANT: Moving ahead is only backing up

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Column recasts thoughts on political landscape

The U.S. is losing its Constitution a little bit at a time.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Divert money from parks and the Civic Center to pay law enforcement better salaries

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Money spent on recreational, educational and entertainment facilities could be better spent

Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office personnel should have salaries raised with spending that now goes to the Civic Center, Flint RiverQuarium, Chehaw and Paul Eames Sports Park.

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SHARISSE KELLY: Law enforcement officers deserve higher pay

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dougherty law enforcement officers have not had a raise in six years

Losing law enforcement officers because of low pay will make it tough to keep the “good life” in the Good Life City.

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BETTY MCDONALD: Death of Leola Williams a loss to family and co-workers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Leola Williams brought passion to her work at the Phoebe Putney Cancer Center desk

The family and co-workers of Leola Williams have lost a dear friend.

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JOHN BRYANT: Bill Clinton had strong economic record

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Despite personal shortcomings, President Clinton left a budget surplus

While Bill Clinton showed his human failings, he also had low unemployment, a booming economy and federal budget surpluses during his presidency.

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BOB LOGAN: Confederate memorial service set for Dougherty and Lee counties April 5

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: April is Confederate History and Heritage Month in Georgia

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry will speak at this year’s Confederate memorial service for Dougherty and Lee counties.

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WALT SPECHT: America should be worlds top manufacturer

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The rules favor foreign producers who do not have to abide by the restrictions imposed on U.S. manufacturers

America needs to return to the days when it produced the highest quality products in the world.

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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Republicans run up bills for future generations

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: President George W. Bush started the current streak of budget deficits

Republicans worry about political gain instead of doing what’s best for America.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist T. Gamble wrong on Ten Commandments

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Writers should know biblical facts before they type

Teaching anything that God’s word doesn’t support is taking his name in vain.

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JOHN BRYANT: Federal spending numbers can be confusing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dollar for dollar, President Obama has outspent President Bush

President George W. Bush realized that a terrorist’s most dangerous weapon was his mind.

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JOHN BRYANT: Games are still playing in the United States

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Olympics have been completed, but Americans still try for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum

Most like the idea affordable health care offerings, but they dislike fraud and mandatory compliance.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Delays in Savannah port project are costing Georgia jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dredging has been approved, so why the hold up?

The unnecessary delay in the work deepening the Savannah port is a prime example of the federal government doing its finest bungling.

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WALT SPECHT: We cannot afford bargain-rate law enforcement

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law enforcement officers are critical personnel who deserve a livable wage

Budgets are always tight, but paying law enforcement officers is not the place the scrimp.