Letters to the Editor


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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Traffic light needed at Oakland on U.S. Highway 82

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will it take an injury to a well-known person to spark action?

It may take a wreck involving a high-profile individual before needed action is taken at a dangerous interection north of Albany on U.S. Highway 82.

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JUDY GLASS: Dougherty School System should address technology initiative

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Better technology could help students improve performance

With the exposure kids today have to technology, the Dougherty County School System’s technology initiative could be a step in the right direction.

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PATRISE M. PERKINS-HOOKER: Georgia Leagal Services earns national award

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Legal Services Program provides service to those outside Atlanta who canot afford a lawyer

GLSP earned national recognition for implementing innovative strategies to meet recession-driven legal needs in the face of a 20 percent cut in its budget.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Nude beach unlikely on Tybee Island

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tybee Island takes conservative approach to beach wear

Tybee Island won’t give up its jurisdiction over its beaches.

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WALT SPECHT: Senate candidates in it for themselves

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GOP Senate ticket a choices between lesser of two evils

The Democratic Senate nominee also has little to offer except her family’s political name.

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JOHN LAKE ADAMS: Copy of presidential biking award sought

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Certificate from 1976 is lost by local sports group

A 1,600-mile ride from Pelham to Texas got presidential recognition in 1976, but the certificate has been lost.

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NADINE MATHIS: Taxpayers pay for court’s decisions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers paying for people who kill

Those responsible for others’ death get jail time, and taxpayers foot the bill.

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R HOCUTT: Albany could see tough times ahead

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany worse off without Taylor

Albany is a better place because of James Taylor’s vision for its future.

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WYMAN AND ELLEN TREADAWAY: Elk Lodge provides great memories

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elk Lodge a good place for all times and places

We are so glad to learn Jon DuMond is putting new blood and life into the Elk Lodge #713.

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WALT SPECHT: David Perdue not needed in U.S. Senate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jack Kingston has made mistakes, but he puts Georgia first

I know which of the two I will pick, and why I chose the way I did.

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JOHN BRYANT: U.S. economy is leaning toward the lean

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obama administration has done too much trimming

The economy is lean, the jobs are lean and the military is getting leaner.

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MAX SELLERS: Columnists avoid the politically correct trap


Some journalists still express themselves without worrying about being politically correct.

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BILL CASH: New Georgia gun carry law does not change anything

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local governments should not circumvent the state law

Law-abiding citizens should not be impeded in their efforts to protect themselves.

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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Keep Republicans from taking control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America does not need more of the folly of the Bush administration

Two hundred fifteen Republicans voted for the Iraq war, while 81 Democrats voted for it. Ten years later, the Republicans have been working assiduously to forget.

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JAMES W. KING: Zap mosquitoes before they bite

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bug zaapers are effective at controlling mosquitoes at residences

An electrocution light and a heavy-duty extension cord are a safe and low-cost way of preventing mosquito-related health problems and the annoying itching.