Letters to the Editor


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JAMES R. WAY: Someone needs to take control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: East Albany is being overlooked

It’s time for someone or some people to step up and take leadership to move East Albany forward.

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WARREN D. GRANT: It's hard to get public involved

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany commissioners paid too much for bank building

I wish I had a better answer for getting the public involved, but, embarrassingly, I don’t.

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FRANCES P. MESSER: Community pride missing in Randolph County

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop pointing fingers and start cleaning up

The solution to unsightly litter is for each and every individual in Randolph County to develop a sense of community pride and strive to rid the community of this major problem.

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WALT SPECHT: Progress being made on communist goals

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Americs is being destroyed from within

Soviet goals stated in the 1950s are being realized in 2015 America.

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JOHN BRYANT: Trying to be politically correct

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Terms can be confusing these days

The dictionary is little help these days for those who want to use politically correct terminology.

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WALT SPECHT: Speeding laws should be fully enforced

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: You can't be 'trapped' if you aren't speeding

Too many allowances have been made, especially for lawmakers, regarding traffic laws, Speed limits are rules, not suggestions.

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RUBY BRITT: No longer a Land of Greatness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Complacency and carelessness compromise honor and integrity

Once upon a time not so long ago in the Land of Greatness, there lived Honor and Integrity, happily married in a union destined to last forever. Together, they begat Morality, Virtue, Goodness, Decency, Discretion and Prudence. They were known universally as the Family Principle.

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WALT SPECHT: Take the profit out of crime

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Follow the money when chasing criminals

Displays of big spending that can’t be supported by documentation should be grounds for seizing assets.

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CHUCK PERSALL: Pharmacist goes the extra mile

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Customer service is the right prescription

Sometimes it seems as though exceptionally good customer service is becoming a thing of the past. There are still many people that take pride in their jobs and I salute them.

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LACEY SHORTER: Focus is on the wrong concerns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ethnocentrism has had a strangulating effect on the public sphere

Perhaps if we practiced standing in our truths rather than projecting them, we could finally distinguish the real from the ideal.

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WALT SPECHT: The real issues are being ignored

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Elitist pressure is not true concern

Why are leaders focusing on political correctness instead of correcting real problems?

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JOHN CANNADY: What scripture supports same-sex marriage?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Churches endorsing same-sex marriage is a puzzling thing

Can someone in a church that supports same-sex marriage please publish the scripture reference from the Bible that would permit them to allow and perform same-sex marriage?

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RUBY BRITT: Christian values are under fire

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disagreeing with liberals leads to harsh labels

When conservatives or Christians (usually the same) disagree with culture changes, it must be because we are ignorant, racist, and “using religious liberty as a weapon,” according to columnist Catherine Rampell.

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WALT SPECHT: A gun is a tool for equalizing a threat

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gun control advocates have limited point of view

A weapon is a tool that can equalize a threat you have no physical means of neutralizing. It was once called one’s personal responsibility to protect one’s family. Now, it seems meddling in other people’s business is your right and you should fear no consequences.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Gun control is not the answer

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Criminals will not obey the law

All of the companies, schools, businesses and institutions that have banned guns are advertising to the degenerate minds of individuals who have a wanton disregard for the law that this is the place to go to get their name in the paper and on TV.