Letters to the Editor


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JAMES RODGERS: Taking name, number of witness too much trouble for police

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany police uninterested in attempted contact by witness to an arrest

Taking my name and number wouldn’t seem too much trouble if someone makes an allegation aganist the officer and he could use validation.

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GAIL G. BELL: God is speaking but few are listening

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hearts are still heavy with memories of Sept. 11, 2001

The grief of a nation so blessed and yet violated by an act of evil men cannot be suppressed nor forgotten.

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JOHN MCRAE: Georgia Second District is still without representative on state school board

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No permanent appointment has been made for a representative from the Second District

Georgia’s largest and poorest district deserves a permanent appointment to the Georgia Board of Education, not a “fill-in” representative.

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BETTY NEW: Proclamation honoring Alice Coachman Davis applauded

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens have a responsibility to inform city leaders about concerns

We can only hold our elected officials accountable if and when we express our desires. Upon voicing our opinions, we, as citizens of this community, expect our elected officials to act upon our request.

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B.J. GOODRUM: Insurance commissioner no help with complaint

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Are doctors colluding with insurance companies on coding procedures?

Routine colonoscopies turn into out-of-pocket financial hardships and the consumer has no good recourse.

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WALT SPECHT: Punish gun violators more severely

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If someone breaks a firearms law, throw the book at him

Crack down on those who violate firearms laws and the number of incidents will decrease.

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WALT SPECHT: Traffic laws were written to be enforced

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If a motorist has violated a law, he or she should be ticketed

If you are going to operate a motor vehicle on Georgia roads, obey the rules and you won’t be inconvenienced.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Businesses that forbid guns should assure safety

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An armed person has a chance to defend himself

If all organizations are going to ban weapons for lawful law-abiding citizens, then they should bear the brunt of any and all consequences from any harm caused by those who don’t bother to obey the law.

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TODD HANNON: GICAA serving private school needs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sherwood Christian Academy joins GICAA league

While the GICAA offers a high level of competition in sports and academics, we will not lose focus on our main purpose; providing an atmosphere that allows young students to grow into responsible adults.

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AARON LOVETT: Congress ignores obligation to notch babies

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While taking care of other groups, the federal government unfairly penalizes notch babies

Congress owes it to those who were born in the notch baby period to ensure they are fairly treated.

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BABS HALL: Group helps people cope with loss of loved one to suicide

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An Albany group meets monthly to support those suffering from loss

Survivors of Suicide meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: America should not spare the rod

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jail alone will not correct the problems with young criminals

Corporal punishment is a deterrent to crime.

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WARREN D. GRANT: God is not the one who is arrogrant

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Those who question God are the ones who are arrogant

if God doesn’t exist, there is no heaven, so if someone doesn’t believe in God, they shouldn’t be upset with any perceived unfairness in rules for getting there.

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BETTY NEW: Albany missed chance to honor Alice Coachman Davis

LETTER TO THE EDITOR; The Olympic great received more recognition elsewhere than in her hometown

The death of Alice Coachman Davis should have been a time for the Albany community to collectively reflect on the positive image that she projected around the world.

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ELEANOR DAVIS: Residents the losers in bankruptcy case

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Life savings are wrapped up in Seasons Christian residence

A decision is expected Tuesday on whether the bid for Seasons Christian Retirement Center will be accepted.