Letters to the Editor


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JUSTIN FISHER: Law enforcement officers deserve respect

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Family of law officers held to higher standard

In a time where there is so much negativity towards our brave first responders, it saddens me to think there are still those who feel the need to belittle the honor and respect inherent with the job.

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JOHN WEISE: Pamphlets spread lies about church

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Material placed on vehicles attack the Catholic church

On Sunday, Sept. 27, the members of St. Teresa Parish were attacked while at worship. A pamphlet titled “Are Roman Catholics Christian?” was placed on their vehicles.

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WALT SPECHT: Enforce laws equally with everyone

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No one should get preferential treatment

Law enforcement officials should enforce the law equally regardless of a person’s occupation or family connections.

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SCOTT ALLISON: Dentist visit quells anxieties

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Have you been to the dentist lately?

Many people have a degree of anxiety over going to the dentist, but they may be surprised at how good the experience can be.

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RUBY BRITT: Legislation would curtail abortion activity

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taking life of unborn child is not the answer

Leaving infants that somehow survive the abortion process alone to die or to deliberately kill those newborns because they inconvenience someone is unconscionable.

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JEROME LAWRENCE: Believe and make a difference

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NAMI supports those facing mental health challenges

We must support NAMI, especially today; when the weight of stigma and injustice loom heavy, we need every physical body we can muster, standing together on our side of the scale.

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VAN A. HOWELL: NAMIWalks raises needed awareness about mental illness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stigma of mental illness must be changed

Through NAMIWalks, we are able to display support for people affected by mental illness and are changing how Americans view persons with a mental illness.

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PAM BARFIELD: NAMI Walk funds mental health educational programs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mental illnesses are treated differently that visible ones

An annual fundraising walk for NAMI, an organization that offers help to those with mental illness and their families, is slated for Saturday in Moultrie.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Businesses are working both sides in Asia

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Japan is gearing up for a stronger military

South Korea is finding itself in a difficult position as Japan gears up its military to get it on par with China and Russia.

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S. GORDON ROGERS: Sabal Trail pipeline is not a done deal

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State agencies are still in a position to intervene

The Department of Natural Resouces, with board member Jeff Sinyard, and Environmental Protection Division could help block the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline and protect the environment.

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WALT SPECHT: Refugee crisis is not of U.S. making

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Individuals should fight for their homeland, not flee from it

I have a hard time accepting the death of a single American fighting Islamic states as long as able-bodied individuals flee as refugees, expecting others to fight what in essence is their fight

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PAM BARFIELD: NAMI support is a lifesaver

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Funds raised with NAMI Walks makes support possible

I have seen firsthand what NAMI can do to help a family in crisis. I want to help make it possible for NAMI Albany and NAMI Moultrie to continue offering this support in our local communities.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Iran nuclear deal support a mistake

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Agreement with Iran places Israel in jeopardy

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop shows faulty memory in thinking Iranians will live up to the agreement, one that is heavily in that nation’s favor.

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THOMAS GIERYIC: America should 'Back the Blue'

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Police have become targets

It is time that we as citizens of this great Country denounce these acts of violence and come together as one to support our law enforcement officers.

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JAMES R. WAY: Someone needs to take control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: East Albany is being overlooked

It’s time for someone or some people to step up and take leadership to move East Albany forward.