Letters to the Editor


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JOHN CANNADY: Democratic national candidates lie for political gain

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians take positions that are the most expedient

Now I know that there are good and bad apples in both parties, but when it gets to the national level, it appears to me that the Democrats have the most elected officials with the most blatant lies.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Confederate flag is not the cause of unrest in the nation

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shutting God out is the cause of problems in the United States

I have no allegiance to the Confederate flag; my allegiance is the flag of the United States of America and one nation under God!

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BILL BATES: Don't sink Deal-Closing Fund into downtown purchases

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There are better uses for the Albany Deal-Closing Fund

The Albany Deal-Closing Fund money should be spent on projects that have a benefit, not on speculation about what downtown property might be worth sometime in the future.

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JOHN CANNADY: Christian values withstand test of time

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christian values are God's standard, not man's

I find it so odd that when Christians hold beliefs that are based on God’s Word and have stood the test of time for over a thousand years, we are ridiculed and belittled.

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JOHN BRYANT: Gun ownership not an infection

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law-abiding citizens targeted by gun-control advocates

Criminal activity by a serial sniper in Colorado does not make all gun owners bad people.

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WALT SPECHT: The truth about social engineers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Spread the wealth while you are still alive

I remain intrigued by the rich, well-to-do individuals advocating for the government providing for its citizens they perceive to be disadvantaged.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Albany needs catalyst for change

Finding people who say Albany has problems isn’t difficult. The difficulty is mapping out a strategy and pulling together to achieve solutions.

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SHARLENE CANNON: Time to move forward in downtown Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mistakes of the past should not hold back progress for the future

Albany is a city with untold and as yet, undiscovered potential. It is time to stop focusing on past misdeeds and begin to look toward a brighter future for this downtown.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Let's move Albany forward

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany can be a place we're proud to call home

I say now let’s set ourselves up for success. Let’s build on what we have learned and move forward. I’m asking for all of us to please leave the negative attitude and words behind!

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JOHN BRYANT: Albany 311 call center provides helpful information

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Non-emergency call center responsive to inquiries

I would like to give a shout-out to the people who work for non-emergency calling. Yes, the 311 number has been really helpful for some of the questions I have asked.

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BILL BATES: For downtown Albany, build on what is here

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meeting on future is set for June 2 downtown

Downtown Albany can be improved while making the most of what’s already there and also saving major taxpayer expense.

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PETE KUNTZ: Data supports climate change concerns

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist relies on debunked myths in denying climate change

Climate denial pseudoscience comes from Fox News, a number of right-wing “think tanks” and websites clandestinely funded by the fossil fuel industry.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Female Albany police leaders commended

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: City commissioners complaint of assignment is shocking

Last Tuesday, a city commissioner complained about the assignment of female officers to lead the Albany Police Department Gang Task Force. I can assure you that his comments are his own only and do not reflect the rest of the City Commission.

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JARI HAGOOD: Albany's oak canopies are majestic

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany residents should appreciate this unique asset

I was thrilled this past weekend upon taking a tour of “Old Beautiful Albany” (2nd-7th avenues west of Jefferson, basically) to see the beautiful oak tree canopies on many streets in the area and for many blocks.

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JUDY WEISS: T. Gamble rambles into climate bramble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate change is real and effects may be devastating

The question is not whether climate change is happening. The question is how badly it will impact people’s lives.