Letters to the Editor


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NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans are facing the last days

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We want to help, but cannot find the answers

Be ready. Be prepared. Be vigilant. It’s the ending of times, so the Bible tells me.

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U.S. SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Electing David Perdue would foil Obamas immigration plans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Michell Nunn has pledged to support a harmful immigration bill

The Obama-Nunn plan would double the number of new lower-wage foreign workers provided to corporations to fill jobs at lower wages. David Perdue told the corporate immigration lobby to go take a hike.

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ERIC HOGAN: David Perdue makes business sense for U.S. Senate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgians have a chance to send a job-creator to Washington

David Perdue understands the conditions that need to be present in the tax, legal, regulatory and economic areas to encourage strong job creation. His extensive business dealings with government policies inform him that a too-big, intrusive, wasteful, corrupt federal government must be tamed.

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LEIGH ANNE BJERREGAARD: America must return to godly values

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pro-life, traditional-marriage candidates deserve voter support

Elected leaders should act on what is right, not what is popular in surveys and polls.

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RUBY BRITT: Polls can be deceptive

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The culture of today does not promote traditional marriage

I harbor no hostility toward anyone. However, I am a Christian and, if asked, I will readily quote scripture to explain why I believe the gay lifestyle to be wrong.

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JOHN MCRAE: Dougherty County School System response to bullying too weak

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More aggressive steps should have been taken in Westover bullying incident

The bullying culture of Westover did not begin on the trip to a Tallahassee basketball camp last June. Bullying of that magnitude has to be built up, nurtured and ignored by the school’s leaders. If the leadership of the system and school had taken a stronger stand, this problem could probably have been resolved.

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DAVID SHIVERS: Michelle Nunn has 'real work' experience

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Running an organization is a real job

Working long hours with your brain can be just as exhausting as hard physical labor. What counts in the end is results.

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WALT SPECHT: Be reasonable when dealing with police

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should take the logical, least obstructed path

If someone acts reasonably in dealing with a law enforcement officer, problems would not get out of hand.

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community support of Albany Area Crime Stoppers appreciated

Funds raised at the orgainzation’s September golf tournament will help pay rewards to tipsters who alert law enforcement to crimes and the locations of criminals.

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JOHN MCRAE: Georgia school superintendent race running below radar of voters

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The state school chief impact the lives of every child in the Georgia public schools

Georgia voters are not paying enough attention as to who will be guiding Georgia’s secondary education system for the next four years starting in January.

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DUANE DAVIS: Leaders are responsible for what happens on their watch

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Success or failure reflects on the person in charge

An effective leader takes full responsibility for his or her actions. The leader must be technically and tactically proficient, which means that he must know what his job entails, and how to how to do what his job requires. He does not blame others for his shortcomings.

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WALT SPECHT: Michael Bloomberg campaign donation a concern

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former New York mayor will want support for his anti-gun stance

Georgia needs a senator who believes in gun rights and who knows how to operate a business.

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WALT SPECHT: Political cleanup needs a starting point

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers have to go to polls to effect change

Special interest groups work to get folks to register and vote who will support their positions. Taxpayers need to vote en masse to protect their interests, too.

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BILL BATES: Businesses should upgrade video camera systems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Poor quality images do not help police catch crooks who break in stores

Better images would give police investigators a better chance of nabbing someone who breaks into a store.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Is Savannah the next Ferguson?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Did Savannah police shoot an unarmed suspect?

Family members say a man fatally shot by law enforcement in Savannah was patted down before being placed in a patrol car.