Letters to the Editor


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SUZI BONIFAY: Criticism is easy; solutions are hard

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Criticizing from the sidelines does nothing to solve education issues

Improving schools in a community takes more than booing from the sidelines. It takes collaboration and teamwork to help find creative solutions to difficult problems — poverty, homelessness, abuse, drugs, etc.

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WALT SPECHT: Automation erases too many jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: technology is killing more jobs than it creates

Next time you self-checkout at the store, remember, this was sold to the stores as a way to save money by doing away with cashier’s positions. Where will these people that are working, and want to work, going to find employment?

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ROBERT BROWN: Obamacare proponents banked on stupidity of voters

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Large media outlets ignored admissions of lack of tranparency

If you depend upon the mainstream media for the information needed to understand those who would run our country, you may not recognize this name — Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor and a major player in structuring and selling “Obamacare.”

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JOHN MCRAE: Second District missing voice on Georgia School Board

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: District 2 seat has been vacant for more than eight months

The Second District of Georgia is not being represented when the Georgia Board of Education meets to discuss budgets, policies and educational issues.

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WARREN D. GRANT: here comes the next election

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians are jockeying for position in 2016

Promises made during the campaigns will be forgotten like yesterday’s lunch.

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ERNEST R. SMITH: GOP, do it right this time

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A repeat of the previous performance by Republicans is unacceptable

Now that Republicans have a chance to lead the country, they should adhere to conservative ideals and values.

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JOHN MCRAE: Interesting week for Dougherty schools

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dougherty School System needs cultural change

Poor graduation rates, insensitive picture, a loaded gun and a student facing sodomy charges show a school culture that needs to be addressed.

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RONALD W. HARRIS: Albany loses one of its best

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Holli Anne Reksten was killed in a traffic wreck Thursday

The city lost one of its long-term dependable anchors of stability for the disenfranchised, the abused and the children left behind. In an instant, I lost the best part of my life and my best friend.

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PEGGY CHERRY: Ezekiel Holley best choice in House District 151

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Early County Democratic Party: Midterm election critical

Ezekiel Holley will prioritize education, the middle class, and ensure fair access to affordable health care for all Georgians.

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JOHN BRYANT: After-school kids need supervision

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Big age differences can be a concern

The gist is that the “powers-that-be” should monitor this after-school service.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans are facing the last days

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We want to help, but cannot find the answers

Be ready. Be prepared. Be vigilant. It’s the ending of times, so the Bible tells me.

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U.S. SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: Electing David Perdue would foil Obamas immigration plans

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Michell Nunn has pledged to support a harmful immigration bill

The Obama-Nunn plan would double the number of new lower-wage foreign workers provided to corporations to fill jobs at lower wages. David Perdue told the corporate immigration lobby to go take a hike.

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ERIC HOGAN: David Perdue makes business sense for U.S. Senate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgians have a chance to send a job-creator to Washington

David Perdue understands the conditions that need to be present in the tax, legal, regulatory and economic areas to encourage strong job creation. His extensive business dealings with government policies inform him that a too-big, intrusive, wasteful, corrupt federal government must be tamed.

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LEIGH ANNE BJERREGAARD: America must return to godly values

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pro-life, traditional-marriage candidates deserve voter support

Elected leaders should act on what is right, not what is popular in surveys and polls.

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RUBY BRITT: Polls can be deceptive

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The culture of today does not promote traditional marriage

I harbor no hostility toward anyone. However, I am a Christian and, if asked, I will readily quote scripture to explain why I believe the gay lifestyle to be wrong.