Letters to the Editor


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JOHN A. TAYLOR: Keep Republicans from taking control

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America does not need more of the folly of the Bush administration

Two hundred fifteen Republicans voted for the Iraq war, while 81 Democrats voted for it. Ten years later, the Republicans have been working assiduously to forget.

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JAMES W. KING: Zap mosquitoes before they bite

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bug zaapers are effective at controlling mosquitoes at residences

An electrocution light and a heavy-duty extension cord are a safe and low-cost way of preventing mosquito-related health problems and the annoying itching.

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JOHN BRYANT: Political correctness police take aim at Washington Redskins

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Forcing a team to change its mascot can have a cascading effect

The political pressure is mounting on the Washington Redskins to change their mascot and nickname.

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PENNY PACE: Get U.S. water to where it is needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pipe water from flooded areas of the U.S. to drought areas

Pipes like those used to distribute oil and natural gas could move water from areas where it is in surplus to areas where it is needed.

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BILL BATES: Columnist Bob Kornegay connects readers with nature

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Outdoors writer seals the deal with The Swamp

Bob Kornegay’s work reminds nature lovers of what is special about the outdoors and shows those not in awe of nature what they’re missing.

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RANDY COOPER: U.S. Rep. Austin Scott takes wrong stance on immigration

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There should be no amnesty for those who illegally enter the United States

By co-sponoring the Enlist Act, U.S. Rep. Austin Scott, R-Tifton, is giving amnesty to illegal immigrants and allowing them to enter the U.S. military.

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DUANE DAVIS: Send Benghazi terror suspect straight to Guantanamo

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An enemy of the U.S. will enjoy protections from the government he despises

A military court at Guantanamo Bay prison is the proper venue for dealing with Ahmed Abu Khattala, the Libyan militant accused of being a mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi attacks.

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BILL CASH: U.S. southern border is being crashed by women and children from Central America

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: With 400,000 in and more coming, U.S. assistance programs will not have enough money

Women, pregnant women and children are assembling in Central America and illegally entering the United States, where they will be supported by the U.S. government and taxpayers.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Traffic snarls at Oakland Parkway intersection

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Frustrated drivers are taking dangerous chances

The intersection of Hickory Grove, Oakland Parkway and U.S. Highway 82 is frustrating for motorists.

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HAROLD D. BARRONTON: Store encroaching in residential area

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Locating a discount store in a residential neighborhood is unacceptable

An Albany neighborhood is not welcoming the Dougherty County Commission’s decision to let a discount store locate in it.

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WALT SPECHT: Mandated backup cameras in autos just another con

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vehicle backup cameras have benefits for profit, not safety

Americans are allowing their fears and concerns to dictate where their money goes.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Labels hinder unique creativity

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Being classified with a mental issue often results in lost contributions to society

Some can exhibit intelligence, but if they lie outside mainstream, they are shunned, outcast or isolated by society.

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DONNIE CORBIN: Old bike that showed up no replacement for stolen one

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The number of items stolen has piled up in five years

I would have preferred the bike as an in-kind replacement for the one lost, but the officer wanted to back-pack it back to precinct in trunk of his patrol car.

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ALLAN RUSSELL: U.S. serviceman held in Mexican jail is being ignored

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The servicemans plight has been overshadowed by the prisoner swap in Afghanistan

American citizens should demand that the White House and Congress act to free a U.S. serviceman who is being held in a prison in Mexico.

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GENE SUTTON: Prisoner exchange a slap in the face to family of slain hero

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Swapping five terrorists for soldier who walked off post was wrong

President Barack Obama is clearly the worst president ever elected.