Letters to the Editor


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JUDY WEISS: T. Gamble rambles into climate bramble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Climate change is real and effects may be devastating

The question is not whether climate change is happening. The question is how badly it will impact people’s lives.

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WALT SPECHT: Keeping voters in the dark

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What special deals and benefits are officials and their relatives getting?

I often wonder what politicians don’t want the voters to know. With enough research, it probably could be found out, but which voters put in that kind of research?

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TOM HOLODAK: Albany thanked for care, prayers after wife's injury

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany proved to be town of great care and caring

After woman is hit by motorist while running, individuals in Albany did things to ease the situation and gave reason for the community to take pride.

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WALT SPECHT: Americans' values have changed for the worse

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Working hard and working through problems are in the past for many

People today see work as an inconvenience and too many see public assistance as an entitlement.

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WARREN D. GRANT: For liberals, it's always someone else's fault

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Somebody else is always to blame

Freddie “Pepper” Gray story in Baltimore is another example of the liberal viewpoint that bad decisions that lead to bad results are not the fault of the person who made them.

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DAVID SHERMAN JR.: Intersection needs aesthetic improvements

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany city leaders have allowed an eyesore to happen

There arew options for improving the appearance of the intersection at Slappey Boulevard and Third Avenue.

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MARTY HELDENBERG: Southwest Georgia making progress on mental health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mental health and addiction issues are finally out of the closet

Moultrie symposium on mental health issues provided answers for those who attended.

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B.J. FLETCHER: Boys and Girls Clubs provide guidance to youth

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In honor of Mothers Day, contribute to the Boys and Girls Club of Albany

Here in our community and many others, the Boys and Girls Club is the only mother, the only father that some kids have. It may be the only hope that jerks them from the path of disaster and helps put them on the right track.

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KIM BURKE: Kudos to Lee County Commissioner Billy mathis for supporting EMS

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

While we can predict when people will eat, there is no way to predict when an emergency will arise. If Lee County EMS were to be cut back and an emergency call comes in, what is the dispatcher to say?

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WALT SPECHT: Estate tax only benefits politicians

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tax forces heirs to sell off land or business

Why should the government coffers profit from the hard work of individuals, only to make politicians richer in wealth?

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Flag desecration an intolerable act

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Valdosta State has taken path of least resistance

I am appalled that the hierarchy at Valdosta State University has taken the path of least resistance in an attempt to solve the recent situation of disrespect to the flag of the United States of America on that university campus.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Is government killing FM radio?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: U.S. may be Norway to pulling the plug on FM

One must remember that FM signal represents the old analog signal and governments do not trust laymen. With a digital signal, a government can listen and track your behavioral pattern and every word you speak. Governments become angry when they eavesdrop on each other, but the common man, they can tolerate.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Computers downfall of free enterprise

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hacking will lead to the downfall of free enterprise/capitalism

Now, we have Internet sites that provide personal data with nothing but a promise to never use the data in a “negative way,” like bad people care.

JOHNNY WHITE: 'New' America nothing to be proud of

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Constitution, Judeo-Christian religions hinder government, corporations

After the events of past weeks, it is clear what must be done to help America and the world. The government along with corporate America have made it clear. The Constitution, Christians and the Jews all must go.

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MAYOR DOROTHY HUBBARD: Albany to celebrate Georgia Cities Week

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgia Cities Week is April 19-25

This week has been set aside to recognize the many services city governments provide and their contribution to a better quality of life in Georgia.