Letters to the Editor


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RUBY BRITT: Marriage is defined by the Bible

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How could anyone with common sense believe Christian family values to be hurtful?

God created and designed marriage to be only the union of one genetic man and one genetic woman as husband and wife, and it cannot be redefined.

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WALT SPECHT: Wild hogs seem to be taking to deer bait

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wild hog populations are growing since new baiting laws have taken effect

In trying to enhance deer hunting, people may have had the unintended consequence of bolstering the populations of nusiance wild hogs.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: American farmers most productive in the world

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Farmers grow food, not economic conflict

The American farmer is the most productive in the world, and because of that abundance, products are sold at low prices, and that is an economic function known simply as supply and demand.

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STEVE MCCOY: Grand Island is an big asset to Lee County

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The positives outweigh the negatives for Lee County facility

Lee County residents can show support for the county-owned Grand Island Club at tonight’s County Commission meeting.

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DENNIS ROLAND: Grand Island Club/Golf Course a drain on Lee County taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Lee County-owned recreational facility is not self-sustaining

Rather than cut back on emergency services and other areas, Lee County should stop subsidizing Grand Island Club/Golf Course with property and sales tax funds.

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WARREN D. GRANT: The numbers do not support prosperity claims

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Both parties are to blame for the sorry state of affairs in the U.S.

So by the statisticsI got from various government websites, Obama has done nothing exceptional other than print money like a mad man and double our debt by the time he leaves office.

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GUY CRAFT: John White deserves praise from Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: John White was incon for civil rights

After nearly a half-century of working for civil rights, human rights and improvement of Albany, John White is returning to his home state of Alabama.

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DUANE 'BANJO' DAVIS: Give God a chance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nothing in the Constitution separates church from state

It would be helpful if the Ten Commandments were to be displayed in prominent places, it just might be that some young boy see these and would ask his daddy, “What does it mean to honor your father and mother?” or “Why is it wrong to steal, Daddy?”

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WARREN GRANT: Torture report was a big lie

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Everything, even torture, is debatable

Torture is a terrible thing, but when you’re dealing with terrible thugs you have to fight fire with fire.

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WALT SPECHT: Shootings need to be dealt with

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Citizens should speak up about shooting crimes

Someone saw more than they are telling. You can be unknown, and yet let the facts be known. It is all up to you what you do to deal with this threat to your community, and ours.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Fourth Commandment does not address Sunday

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Sabbath is Saturday

The first day of the week is mentioned nine times in God’s word and not one time is it called a holy day or anything but the first day of the week.

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RUBY BRITT: Morals have no color

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Adults who should know better are inciting riots

In the aftermath of the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision to not convict a white policeman for shooting a black man who reached into his police car and struggled with him for his gun, 18 people were injured, and 12 buildings and two police cars burned.

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ALLAN RUSSELL: Efforts continue to take God and Christmas out of Christmastime

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christians should work to keep Christmas in the holidays

We are entering not a holiday season, but rather a season in which we celebrate the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the most significant being to ever walk this Earth.

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WARREN D. GRANT: What colleges are really teaching may surprise you

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Univesity of North Carolina is the latest to face a scandal

What are we teaching kids? Cheating is fair game if the results produce the expected outcome (national titles and big revenue).

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PAUL J. PENA: Upgraded missile defense is U.S.'s best security

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A bad deal with Iran is worse than none at all

Congress must step up and fully fund the GMD missile defense program; it’s our only real defense against a missile launched at the U.S. homeland by Iran.