Letters to the Editor


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CHARLES F. RUFFIN: Best lawyer advertsing educates the public

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While senasational lawyer ads are frowned upon, they are protected speech

A Savannah-area lawyer’s Super Bowl ad has created a stir, but the State Bar has little control over the content of its members’ ads.

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ROGER MARIETTA: Changes needed to proposed Albany dangerous dog ordinance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The proposed ordiance can be improved by modifying it

The Albany City Commisison will hear comments on its proposed dangerous dog ordinance on Feb. 18 before a second reading on the proposal on Feb. 25.

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JEANETTE WEATHERSBY: Albany pit bull ordinance needed

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pit bull owners have a choice that the defenseless do not have

An attack on a niece and her small dogs by pit bulls resulted in the small dog dying, the niece suffering permanent injuries and her daughter being traumatized.

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PAUL A. JONES: TAD debt may fall on backs of taxpayers

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tax allocation districts (TADs) must create more tax revenue to work

The fear is that the Central Business District will not generate greater tax revenues, leaving the payment of TAD debt to be picked up by taxpayers throughout Dougherty County.

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WALT SPECHT: The taxpayers are the losers with the Affordable Care Act

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Taxpayers will have to foot the bill for insurance company losses

From the start, Obamacare has not functioned as envisioned. Now, taxpayers are on the hook for costs.

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STEVE TAMBRONI: Federal government ignores the real problems

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Welfare recipients who can work and illegal immigrants get free passes

Americans who work have fewer rights than those who scam the system.

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JOHN H. O’BRIEN: The choice in U.S. is between capitalism and communism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: One path leads to rewards, the other to pitiless death

The battle in America is between capitalism and communism, not liberalism and conservatism.

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DUANE DAVIS: Hard work leads to increases in paychecks

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hikes in the minimum wage means corresponding hikes in the cost of living

President Obama should have addressed importance of parental responsibilities in his State of the Union address.

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JIMMY WEASE: Police make a traumatic holiday experience uplifting

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Christmas gifts stolen during a residential break-in are recovered

What started out as a traumatic experience was mitigated by the recovery of the property and the service and consideration provided by Albany and Dougherty County police officers.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Columnist Cynthia Tucker voice of liberals

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cynthia Tucker is heir apparent to to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton

Cynthia Tucker has no answers, only accusations — the same charge she levels against the Republicans.

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JOHN BRYANT: Change is not always progress

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tradition has its place in our lives

Change for the sake of change will not put you on a better path than the one you’re now traveling.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Ariel Sharon is model for modern-day Israeli politician

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ariel Sharon helped build Israeli Defense Force

After helping establish the Israeli Defense Force, Ariel Sharon created its weakest link — eviction of settlers from the West Bank.

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RUBY B. BRITT: Whats right doesn’t change with times

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government cannot legislate a wrong into a right

The Constitution guarantees to the right to express one’s opinions.

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WARREN D. GRANT: America becoming a land of blind sheep

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many are following the noise from Washington, D.C.

The loss of freedom doesn’t come all at once. It is eroded slowly over time.

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NANCY ASKEY: Mended Hearts promotes heart health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Albany chapter of Mended Hearts marks its 30th anniversary

Members of Mended Hearts visit heart patients and their families to offer support and encouragement.