Letters to the Editor


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RUBY B. BRITT: Whats right doesn’t change with times

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government cannot legislate a wrong into a right

The Constitution guarantees to the right to express one’s opinions.

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WARREN D. GRANT: America becoming a land of blind sheep

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Too many are following the noise from Washington, D.C.

The loss of freedom doesn’t come all at once. It is eroded slowly over time.

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NANCY ASKEY: Mended Hearts promotes heart health

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Albany chapter of Mended Hearts marks its 30th anniversary

Members of Mended Hearts visit heart patients and their families to offer support and encouragement.

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WALT SPECHT: Feral cats an increasing nuisance

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Property owners should be allowed to destroy free-roaming cats

Cats need to be declared an invasive species and removed from the wild completely.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Americans need to relearn kindness

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: American youth are watching a self-absorbed generation

Humbleness, kindness and concern for others are in short supply these days.

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HOLLI REKSTEN: Junior Leaguers fulfill wishes

Dougherty Court Appointed Special Advocates advocate for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

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NOLAN CONLEY: Columnist off mark on scriptures

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scripture should be quoted in context

The Bible’s teachings on homosexuality are in agreement with the statements made by Phil Robertson, though some do not like to hear the truth.

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WALT SPECHT: Government ignores wasteful spending

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxpyers foot bill for free wine and cheese on Amtrak

While some legitimately need help from the government to survive, others are gaming the system and the so-called government watchdogs do nothing to stop it.

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DAN W. HAMMACK: Arctic Bear column was inappropriate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A segregated society was simply the way things were

The unpleasant memories of a woman who worked at the original Arctic Bear bring back events and conditions that people are trying to put behind them.

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TERRY F. LONG: Arctic Bear memories column fans flames of racism

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reminding people of the past an attempt to keep racism raging

Woman with unpleasant memories of the Arctic Bear should be thankful she lives in a country that can change for the better.

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JAMES KING: Confederate flag symbol of freedom fight

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Civil War was a fight for independence

The Confederate flag represents principles upon which the United States was founded.

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JAMES COX: Send the cronies in Washington home

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The federal government is acting like a dictatorship

Americans need to take a stand and run all the cronies out of Washington, D.C.

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TENICA L. WILLIAMS: Technology part of teens' social life

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Social media will not replace family bonds

Social networks let teen strengthen friendships, with even casual acquaintances having the potential for a positive impact.

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LORIE FARKAS: Thanks go out for Christmas parade

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It took the combined effort of hundreds of people to make the Albany Christmas parade successful

The Celebration of Lights parade requires hundreds of volunteers who channel the spirit of the season.

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DAVID SHIVERS: Cynthia Tucker's column is no diatribe

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Columnist Cynthia Tucker didnt read minds in writing her column

Columnist relied on words and accounts of Sarah Palin and Thomas Jefferson in her opinion column.