Letters to the Editor


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WALT SPECHT: Public housing should be for the poor who are deserving

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meant to be temporary help, public housing has become permanent for some families

Allowing those who don’t qualify financially into public housing denies those who truly need it.

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SAM HARRIS: Gourmet meals await at Albany Tech

The biweekly lunches served at Albany Technical College rival fine meals

Gourmet meals are affordable from the young chefs at Albany Tech’s Culinary Arts School.

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JOHN BRYANT: Americans are starting to question changes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The U.S. government needs competent leadership

Mistakes are to be expected, but wise decisions must be made about Americas security.

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FORREST ADAMS: Monroe dancing was inappropriate

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Twerking has no place as a high school sance move

Monroe High School dancers should not have been allowed to perform inapproriate dance moves at football game.

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WALT SPECHT: Special recognition of one combat death diminishes others

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roads, bridges and other public infrastructure should not be named for individual veteran

With about 850,000 combat deaths in the history of America, no one death should be singled out over the others.

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MIKE SABOT: Obamacare supporters sold a bad bill of goods

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Affordable Care Act provides neither affordable insurance nor quality

The Affordable Care Act for Southwest Georgia has only one hospital and no doctors accepting it.

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JOHN BRYANT: Weather Channel skips listing Albany

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Albany is obscured on the Weather Channel radar map

Montgomery stretches from central Alabama to the Atlantic Ocean on the Weather Channel map.

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WARREN GRANT: U.S. debt nearing bottom of the barrel

Letter to the Editor: In 70 percent of the states, an individual makes more while on welfare than by working for minimum wage.

As the federal debt continues to rise, the U.S. money barrel is getting more barren.

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EDWARD SCHWEIKERT: Articles of Confederation forgotten by many

Letter to the Editor: The Articles of Confederation was a first attempt to decentralize the national government

Under the Articles of Confederation, the national government was dependent upon states for its funding.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: U.S. cannot afford another shutdown

Letter to the Editor: Greed and power led to U.S. federal government shutdown

If another government shutdown occurs, America may not regain its sanity.

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WALT SPECHT: Churches spend, but are they helping?

Letter to the Editor: Money spent on buildings and salaries could help poor

Look at Albany area churches and you see where temples and idols are built.

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JAMES BALCH: Obamacare is creating a mess of things

Letter to the Editor: Under Obamacare, $750 billion is being moved from Medicare to Medicaid

The cost of the poorly working Affordable Care Act signup website has jumped from $94 million to an estimated $600 million.

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LETTER: Cemetery ponds a poor reflection

Letter to the editor

Too often if we live with something that needs repair, we gradually become accustomed to it.

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LETTER: Health care needs two-party solution

We need some sort of health care program in this country, but it need not be a partisan effort. Both sides in Congress must get together and develop a system that relies mostly on common sense and logic.

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LETTER: Voters need to be informed on issues

A government shutdown comes as no surprise, given our dysfunctional system where the people we elect to represent us instead represent themselves.