Letters to the Editor


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JOHN BRYANT: Federal spending numbers can be confusing

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dollar for dollar, President Obama has outspent President Bush

President George W. Bush realized that a terrorist’s most dangerous weapon was his mind.

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JOHN BRYANT: Games are still playing in the United States

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Olympics have been completed, but Americans still try for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum

Most like the idea affordable health care offerings, but they dislike fraud and mandatory compliance.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Delays in Savannah port project are costing Georgia jobs

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The dredging has been approved, so why the hold up?

The unnecessary delay in the work deepening the Savannah port is a prime example of the federal government doing its finest bungling.

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WALT SPECHT: We cannot afford bargain-rate law enforcement

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Law enforcement officers are critical personnel who deserve a livable wage

Budgets are always tight, but paying law enforcement officers is not the place the scrimp.

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WALT SPECHT: Violent confrontations can be avoided

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many do not like concealed gun carry because it infringes on their ability to bully

Those who carry concealed weapons illegally are the biggest concern.

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ARLEEN SCHULTZ: Employees derserve better consideation

LETTER TO THE EDITIOR: Eliminating positions with no warning is poor business

Abrupt eliminations of positions can adversely impact employees who remain with the company, too.

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JOHN MCRAE: Resolution of Westiver grade change scandal set poor example

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The mass changing of grades should not have been allowed

The Dougherty County School System leveled much stiffer punishment for the whistleblower than for those who were involved in the changing of the grades.

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WALT SPECHT: Parents are abandoning their basic responsibilities to their children

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Government programs step in to provide care that should be up to parents

Government programs should not just throw money at the problem, but also hold parents accountable.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Grade changing creates questions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The disclosure of student information to the public was not as bad as the actions that were disclosed

In the case of the Westover High School freshmen grade changes, the respective punishments don’t fit the actions.

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CHRIS CLARK: The 26th Georgia Quail Hunt was again a success

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The annual event gives a good impression of Southwest Georgia to movers and shakers in business

The work by organizers of the Georgia Quail Hunt has given business leaders a positive view in regard to doing business in Georgia.

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LEE LOWERY: Proposed law that allows discrimination is not religious freedom

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The law under consideration could have adverse impact on gay individuals

A proposal that could adversely impact gay people should not be cloaked as an act ensuring freedom of religion.

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DIANE BENFORD: Dog laws should apply to all breeds

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Owners who are negligent are the real issue

Albany dog ordinances should apply across-the-board and more resources should be devoted to dealing with people who abuse their pets.

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WARREN D. GRANT: Politicians of all stripes are pushing America into the abyss

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Look at any president and you will find evidence of your preconceived notion

Placing 47 million non-working Americans in the backs of those who are working doesn’t “elevate” them; it drags everyone else down.

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JULIE SELLERS: The success of the Night of Hope Gala was due to work of many

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: While fundraising is challenging, the Albany community came through

The Cancer Coalition was able to exceed its fundraising goal with the event as it worked to fight cancer in Southwest Georgia.

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NADINE M. MATHIS: Our America is running into big trouble

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: People should be more willing to help those in need and in trouble

Live life as an example to those who have problems and do what you can to help out.