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KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Aware in the face of evil

OPINION: For evil to thrive, good people only have to do nothing

The beheading of James Foley requires Americans to take notice of ISIL. Will we never again be silent as evil is happening? Or will we be complicit by our silence?

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: By any other name, just as married

OPINION: Even if a woman takes the surname of her husband, must she lose her given name as well?

Women should have their first name spelled out, not ignored by a “Mr. and Mrs.” social convention.

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MICHAEL GERSON: History ignored in reporting on Israel

OPINION: A former reporter for the Associated Press says his editors spiked stories that did not fit their narrative of opposed Palestinians

Historically, Jews have been a stateless entity on which people have projected their anger and resentments. With the advent of a Jewish state, those projections are focused on Israel, which gets disproportionate (and disproportionately hostile) attention as the embodiment of colonialism and nationalism — things that European and American liberals find offensive.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Rev. Al gets it right

OPINION: Al Sharpton gets grief for his tough sermon at the funeral of Michael Brown

The Rev. Al Sharpton has been rapped by “progressive” blacks for using Michael Brown’s funeral and the notoriety of a tragic police shooting to scold the black community for its own sins.

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E.J. DIONNE: The limits of rage

OPINION: Gubernatorial races will be the barometer for politics in the long run

The question to ask: Do voters begin to push back against the tea party tide that swept governorships and legislatures into Republican hands four years ago and produced the most radical changes in policy at the state level in at least a generation?

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MICHAEL GERSON: Too detached to lead?

OPINION: The problem for President Obama has come in managing the symbolic aspect of his office

The president is so aggressively indifferent to appearances that he doesn’t really seem indifferent at all. He appears to be telling the media, his political critics and the world: You can criticize me, vilify me, challenge me; but you are powerless, at least, to change my tee time. It shows resilience. Yet there is a fine line between not giving an inch and not giving a damn.

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CAL THOMAS: Scotland set to vote on independence

OPINION: The referendum generally pits a younger liberal population in favor of separation against older, more conservative Scots

If Scotland leaves its British “home” of three centuries, it may find it can’t go home again.

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STEVE AND COKIE ROBERTS: Future is scary for NEET young Europeans

OPINION: The unemployment rate for Spaniards under 25 is about 54 percen

These stay-at-home kids are so common — not just in Spain but throughout southern Europe — that they now have a name: NEETs. That stands for young people “Not in Employment, Education or Training,” and there are about 14 million across the continent.

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TOM PURCELL: It's good to have to get things done

OPINION: Deadlines and pressure are stressful, but succeeding is uplifting

Robert Rector, a poverty researcher at The Heritage Foundation, says the census accurately reports there has been no improvement in self-sufficiency for the past 45 years — even though self-sufficiency was LBJ’s primary goal when he launched his war on poverty.

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E.J. DIONNE: Obamacare beyond the label

OPINION: Democrats have not recovered from President Obama’s llousy sales job for the Affordable Care Act

Democratic consultants say that candidates who explain what the Affordable Care Act does and stay away from the term “Obamacare” will fare better with voters.

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MICHAEL GERSON: President Obama a rhetorical observer on Iraq, Syria

OPINION: Obama wants to keep strategic ambiguity at the heart of U.S. foreign policy

An American leadership “vacuum” (Hillary Clinton’s word) was not filled by the resolve of friends. It was filled by Iranian adventurism, by Russian meddling, by Bashar al-Assad’s mass atrocities, by Gulf state money flowing to disturbing places and by expansionist, ruthless, messianic Islamist radicalism.

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JOE GANDELMAN: Are we really teed off about President Obama's golfing?

OPINION: Many Americans now take their cues and opinions from their favorite ideological talker or writer

Everyone knows the expressions of outrage over President Obama’s golf and smile were part of an ongoing media and political ballet.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Hillary Clinton's hawkishness may be her undoing

OPINION: Hillary Clinton is out of step with public on Middle East intervention

Hillary Clinton’s criticism of President Obama’s approach in Syria shows a tone-deafness, a calculated disregard for the attitude most Americans now hold toward foreign interventions.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: National media keep Ferguson roiling

OPINION: Ratings-hungry media sensationalize and stir the already volatile situation

Instead of standing around on sidewalks in the dark waiting for something exciting to happen, the TV news guys should do everyone a favor and back off for a while.

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CAL THOMAS: ISIS a threat to U.S. national security

OPINION: An international coalition must be created to fight and defeat the militant Islamic fanatics

ISIS supporters already are distributing leaflets in London, calling on people to abandon Britain in favor of the Islamic State.


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