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DICK YARBROUGH: 'Occassional' column has made it 17 years and counting

OPINION: Writing columns better than trimming hedges

It was supposed to be one-and-done but it didn’t work out that way. Seventeen years ago this week, I got a call from the editors of the Atlanta Business Chronicle, asking me if I would do a guest editorial on my assessment of how the city of Atlanta had fared during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games.

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BYRON YORK: Will slipperly slope follow Confederate flag battle?

OPINION: Fight over the battle flag may be expanded

Some conservatives have seen efforts to remove the Confederate battle flag from the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina, and also from other public places around the South, as the beginning of a slippery slope in which roads and landmarks named after Confederate figures are changed, monuments are removed, and a significant part of American history is obscured from view.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Can't women be both beautiful and funny?

OPINION: The problem is lack of demand, not short supply

There are plenty of beautfiful women with comedic talent, but there are few roles available for them.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Trump and the GOP's dividing line

OPINION: Indications are Republicans have serious debate between reform camps

A political appeal that encourages division would worsen the GOP’s main political problem: a durable impression that it does not care for the country as a whole.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Using 'religious liberty' as a weapon

OPINION: Religious liberty is being invoked to circumvent U.S. laws

Don’t like same-sex marriage, contraception, HIV testing or even child labor laws? Never you worry: Just say that a Higher Power has exempted you, even if your exemption means trampling on other people’s rights.

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TOM PURCELL: Free-range parenting getting costly

OPINION: Encouraging indpendence of children can run afoul of the law

If your kids are seen walking without adult supervision, somebody will call the cops, Child Protective Services will conduct an investigation and charges will be filed.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Confederate markers continue tumble

OPINION: America still has not come to terms with slavery

Some 239 years after that awe-inspiring Declaration of Independence — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” — we are still in denial about the foundations upon which this republic was built.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: The Confederate flag flap

OPINION: Politicians and the media focus on minor issues that rile up conservative-liberal divide

Like it or not, in 2015 the Confederate flag we all saw on the roof of those 1969 Dodge Chargers on the “Dukes of Hazard” is no longer so innocent. Now it symbolizes two totally different and incompatible things to whites and blacks.

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CAL THOMAS: Repeating myself on Iran nukes

OPINION: U.S. and Iran negotiators are repeating themselves, so why cant I?

I have yet to hear from a U.S. government official why anyone can trust an Iranian regime whose dictatorship kills its own people, conducts secret trials, and openly and proudly states its god wishes everyone who disagrees with its version of Islam eliminated from the planet.

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: Euros of mass destruction

OPINION: Europe had a dream of neighborliness that has turned to a nightmare of debt

Establishing a common currency was meant to facilitate the cross-border flow of goods, services, people and capital, and thus bond disparate countries through the mutual benefits of trade. But, unfortunately, such numismatic gymnastics made little sense given Europe’s fractured cultural and regulatory landscape.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Religious and gay rights must coexist

OPINION: The most significant strategy shift was gays embracing the conventional, bourgeois practice of marriage

Many gay rights advocates essentially made conservative arguments — concerning the individual and social benefits of faithfulness — to secure their legal goal. It is a form of gay rights that Middle America — already inclined to live and let live — could readily embrace.

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BYRON YORK: GOP searches for strategy to counter Obama's winning streak

OPINION: President Obama rolls off series of late-term political victories

Republicans need to find a way to stop the momentum if they don’t want a Democrat to roll into the White House in the 2016 elections, but they haven’t come up with a strategy.

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CAL THOMAS: The pope, the globe and the facts

OPINION: Many embarrassingly wrong predictions have been made about global warming

Pope Francis accepts as a matter of scientific doctrine that the Earth is warming and that humans are responsible for it. Yet near the end of the encyclical, he confesses that “the Church does not presume to settle scientific questions or to replace politics.” Which is it?

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CATHERINE RAMPELL: The dramatic irony of Greece

OPINION: About half of Greek bank loans are now nonperforming

It’s hard to watch the ongoing, can-kicking Greek debt tragedy and not know deep down how it will end: Despite optimistic denials by our obstinate protagonists, a default of some kind is inevitable. The question is when and how orderly it will be.

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MICHAEL GERSON: Denial not an option in climate change fight

OPINION: If climate change is a global threat, addressing it is both a moral and public requirement

There is no getting around the fact that Francis regards potentially catastrophic, human-caused global warming as a fact. In American politics, the pope’s encyclical has not made legislative action on climate change inevitable; but it has made the issue unavoidable. The politician’s shrug, “I’m no scientist,” is no longer acceptable