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TOM PURCELL: Obama confesses

“Pope Francis, I have never been to Catholic confession before, but I have a few things I have to get off my chest.”

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Businesses do not have religious exemptions from the law

OPINION: If two values conflict, the right of equality should win out

The government has an overriding interest in ensuring that women’s health care is treated no differently from men’s, and reproductive services are vital.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Folks, can we focus on the real issues?

OPINION: Complaining about the travel expense of the president and first lady is a waste of time

Critics of President Obama should shift to what’s really important — Obamacare, Ukraine and the GOP recapturing the U.S. Senate.

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CAL THOMAS: Caesar is crossing the church-state line

OPINION: Government continues its incursion into religion territory

It will take a GOP-led Congress and a Republican in the White House to fix the mess that is Obamacare.

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E.J. DIONNE: The pope is no party boss

OPINION: American bishops hoped Pope Francis would puch their respective agendas when meeting President Obama

While Francis has decidedly moved the church back toward the social justice Catholicism that Obama connected with as a young man, Francis’ worldview is plainly not American. Efforts to shoehorn him into American debates will always have a distorting effect.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: A matter of principle

OPINION: Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz form odd couple partnership on religion issue

Witnessing Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Baylor University President Kenneth Starr discuss and largely agree on religious liberty issues raised by the popularly known Hobby Lobby case was pleasantly jarring.

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BYRON YORK: Katrina victims live out Hollywood eco-agenda

OPINION: New homes make the landscape resemble, in the words of one critic, a field of pastel-colored UFOs.

The problem is, the daringly designed, environmentally sophisticated houses don’t seem to appeal to the people they were intended to help.

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THOMAS: Fred Phelps: Satan's servant

Though Fred Phelps is gone, the kind of hate he preached remains. It is why hate must be opposed no matter which group, faith, ceremony, or individual is the target.

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E.J. DIONNE: Whats really at stake with health care

OPINION: Affordable Care Act gets third chance to make good impression

If opponents of the ACA can discredit it, they can move on to demonize other necessary public programs — and undercut arguments for further government efforts to ease inequalities and injustices.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Salvation doesnt have political leaning

OPINION: The meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama holds great promise

Though Pope Francis may bless President Obama and beam that knowing smile, his prayer for humanity’s salvation has no political party affiliation.

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JOE GANDELMAN: The attmpted typecasting of Ronan Farrow

OPINION: Farrow built his brand 140 characters at a time on Twitter

So far, Farrow is remaining true to himself. The question is whether he can continue to do so for the long run.

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KRAUTHAMMER: The invasion will be catered

As we speak, Putin is deciding whether to go beyond Crimea and take eastern Ukraine. Show him some seriousness, Mr. President.

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E.J. DIONNE: Will Putin bring America together?

OPINION: The Russian president has united a deeply divided U.S. Congress

While members of Congress have been unusually united in denouncing Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea, polls show most Americans don’t want the U.S. getting “too” involved in the situation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Noah's arc of triumph

OPINION: A new movie about Noah gets backlash from Muslims and Christians alike

“Noah” isn’t ,meant to be a sermon, call to prayer, encouragement for religious conversion or a disrespect of a prophet. It’s a big-budget movie made to entertain, inspire and be profitable.

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E. J. DIONNE: The politics of hopelessness

OPINION: President Obama and the Democrats are in danger of letting the GOP set terms of the mid-term elections

The most telling fact about the Democrats’ defeat in Florida’s special House election last week was the party’s failure to get its voters to the polls.

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