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E.J. DIONNE: Whats really at stake with health care

OPINION: Affordable Care Act gets third chance to make good impression

If opponents of the ACA can discredit it, they can move on to demonize other necessary public programs — and undercut arguments for further government efforts to ease inequalities and injustices.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Salvation doesnt have political leaning

OPINION: The meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama holds great promise

Though Pope Francis may bless President Obama and beam that knowing smile, his prayer for humanity’s salvation has no political party affiliation.

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JOE GANDELMAN: The attmpted typecasting of Ronan Farrow

OPINION: Farrow built his brand 140 characters at a time on Twitter

So far, Farrow is remaining true to himself. The question is whether he can continue to do so for the long run.

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KRAUTHAMMER: The invasion will be catered

As we speak, Putin is deciding whether to go beyond Crimea and take eastern Ukraine. Show him some seriousness, Mr. President.

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E.J. DIONNE: Will Putin bring America together?

OPINION: The Russian president has united a deeply divided U.S. Congress

While members of Congress have been unusually united in denouncing Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea, polls show most Americans don’t want the U.S. getting “too” involved in the situation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Noah's arc of triumph

OPINION: A new movie about Noah gets backlash from Muslims and Christians alike

“Noah” isn’t ,meant to be a sermon, call to prayer, encouragement for religious conversion or a disrespect of a prophet. It’s a big-budget movie made to entertain, inspire and be profitable.

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E. J. DIONNE: The politics of hopelessness

OPINION: President Obama and the Democrats are in danger of letting the GOP set terms of the mid-term elections

The most telling fact about the Democrats’ defeat in Florida’s special House election last week was the party’s failure to get its voters to the polls.

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CAL THOMAS: Culture of today ignores satisfaction with life

OPINION: There is never a top 10 list of ways to feel satisfied with your life

Working longer and working harder are not necessarily the same thing. Eulogies review a life in terms different than society’s values for success.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Don't put off your colonoscopy

OPINION: The simple diagnostic test is the best tool for detecting colon cancer

Colon screenings, along with exercise, is the best act of prevention for the deadly disease.

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SOWELL: The Left versus minorities

Charter schools take power from politicians and bureaucrats, letting parents decide where their children will go to school. That is obviously offensive to those on the left, who think that our betters should be making our decisions for us.

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E.J. DIONNE: Conservatives try on new clothes

OPINION: Conservative conference has face-off between not surrendering and trying to win

Conservatives purport to be interested in new ideas, but it may be that they’re just trying to improve their image.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: New SAT don’t care for no fancy words

OPINION: When going gets tough, make the test easier

The “tweaks” to the SAT are a shame because they rob educators of meausres that provide critical information on prospective college students.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Senate rejection of Adegbile nomination a bipartisan travesty

OPINION: The nominee was scuttled for doing his job as a defense attorney in a cop killer capital case

Debo P. Adegbile was doing his job in helping get a former Black Panther’s death sentence in the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia police officer commuted to life in prison.

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E.J. DIONNE: Even when agreeing, Obama foes blame him first

OPINION: Some Republican critcis of the president seem to have a case of Putin envy

Republicans blame past Obama failures for Russian agression in Ukraine even though the administration is following policies they prescribe for the situation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Once upon a moonbeam

OPINION: California starts to focus on fiscal responsibility

Gov. Jerry Brown has traded his earlier dreams for the Golden State to pragmatic policies that has turned deficit spending in Calfornia into a surplus.

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