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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Senate rejection of Adegbile nomination a bipartisan travesty

OPINION: The nominee was scuttled for doing his job as a defense attorney in a cop killer capital case

Debo P. Adegbile was doing his job in helping get a former Black Panther’s death sentence in the 1981 murder of a Philadelphia police officer commuted to life in prison.

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E.J. DIONNE: Even when agreeing, Obama foes blame him first

OPINION: Some Republican critcis of the president seem to have a case of Putin envy

Republicans blame past Obama failures for Russian agression in Ukraine even though the administration is following policies they prescribe for the situation.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Once upon a moonbeam

OPINION: California starts to focus on fiscal responsibility

Gov. Jerry Brown has traded his earlier dreams for the Golden State to pragmatic policies that has turned deficit spending in Calfornia into a surplus.

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TOM PURCELL: A plea from a dieting cookie addict

OPINION: Word is getting around in local Girl Scout circles that I am an easy sale

Who among us has the power to say no to any young girl raising money for charity who offers to sell us a legal product that’s so addictive?

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KATHLEEN PARKER: The best hope for President Obama for change

OPINION: A new outreach initiative by the president to help at-risk boys of color is cause for cheer

Sometimes things can change only when the right messenger comes along.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: REpublicans would cut health care to poor altogether

OPINION: Georgia governor wants to bar the uninsured from hospital emergency rooms

Gov. Nathan Deal hates Obamacare and refuses its Medicaid expansion, which would keep the working poor out of emergency rooms. In addition, he wants to deny them access to emergency rooms unless they can pay.

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CAL THOMAS: Is Sen. Ted Cruz out of control?

OPINION: Sen. Cruz says the overall record of Tea Party candidates is far better than the establishment’s record

The Republican senator says that history has proven failing to rock and boat and take stands is a recipe for a party to fail at the ballot box.

JOE GANDELMAN: The elephants are charging toward 2016

OPINION: Republican presidential hopefuls are demonstrating their individual styles

Gov. Bibby Jindal signals Republican conservatives that he is in tune with them.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Uh, John, you know California is mostly desert, right?

OPINION: Secretary of State John Kerry is oblivious to the history and climate of California

The current drought in California is not the first, not the worst and regardless of what people do, it won’t be the last. Some have lasted more than two centuries, and they were long before the industrial age.

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THOMAS: Separation of government from press

After much criticism from conservative quarters, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided, at least for now, to withdraw plans for its proposed study of how media organizations gather and report news.

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E.J. DIONNE: The unfulfilled challenges of President Obama

OPINION: Though blasted by Republicans for using executive orders, President Obama has issued fewer than his immediate predecessors

Stymied by the House of Representatives, Obama’s supposedly aggressive measures have been rather restrained initiatives to achieve widely shared goals.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: Make love, not war

OPINION: The old-fashioned idea of men being chivalrous toward women is not in vogue today

Although we can argue that women shouldn’t get drunk and convey mixed signals, they are functionally less able to resist the advances of a determined male.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: Bill and Hillary blame game is one for losers

OPINION: The 1990s Clinton sexcapades should be on TCM, not Fox News

Sen. Rand Paul and Kathleen Willey take Republicans on a trip back through time, one that won’t help them win the White House in 2016.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: 'Stand Your Ground' laws encourage vigilantes

OPINION: Florida shooting verdict unwelcome specter over Black History Month

A juror told ABC’s “Nightline” that race never entered the deliberations, but it’s obvious that pernicious stereotypes about young black men hung over the proceedings.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: The Party of No now the Party of Yes We Can

OPINION: After years of self-destruction, GOP lawmakers have stopped helping Democrats beat them

Republicans are staying away from divisive issues and concetrating on the narrative that President Obama and the Affordable Care Act are failures.

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