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E.J. DIONNE: Liberals are the least of the problems of Gov. Chris Christie

OPINION: Gov. Christie condemned the bridge lane closure only after a smoking gun surfaced

Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t have the conservative base of previous Republican presidents to overcome the problems that have arisen in regard to George Washington Bridge political payback.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: GOP contends War on Poverty failed

OPINION: Republicans have no workable plans for reducing poverty

Republicans have nothing to offer in the way of helping struggling Americans maintain a decent standard of living.

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MICHAEL REAGAN: U.S. immigration policy is a mess

OPINION: Immigrants who play by the rules suffer years and years from a broken system

America’s immigration system is so broken, so complex, so expensive, so slow, so legalistic, so bureaucratic, and so counter-productive it’s a wonder anyone ever successfully becomes a citizen.

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JOE GANDELMAN: Cable TV transforms solid journalists into ratings grabbers

OPINION: Invasion of the Political Entertainment Media Body Snatchers

Journalists who get big-time cable gigs give up the qualities that got them there in order to chase audience and ratings.

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E.J. DIONNE: Decriminalization of marijuana needed

OPINION: The enforcement of marijuana laws is harsher for African Americans

The way America enforces its marijuana laws is unconscionable, with the arrest rates for possession astoundingly and shamefully different for whites and African Americans.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: It's all in how you say it, politically speaking

OPINION: As the midterm elections near, be skeptical of what you hear

“Income inequality” may be the most brilliant turn of a phrase to hit the political discourse.

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TOM PURCELL: An elegy for the incandescent bulb

How many people does it take to turn off a light bulb for good? Find out at the end of this column.

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E.J. DIONNE: A hidden consensus for justice

Unemployment insurance and minimum wage issues reflect a larger problem in American politics

A substantial section of the conservative movement is now determined to blow up the national consensus that has prevailed since the Progressive and New Deal eras.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: There they go again

OPINION: The midterm elections promise to be politically bloody

2014 presents a rare and perhaps undeserved opportunity for Republicans to determine who will lead the nation and what direction will be taken.

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BYRON YORK: Obamacare will cost Democrats politically this year

OPINION: Momentum Democrats enjoyed a year ago has swung toward Republicans

Support for Obamacare, already low, could fall further as more middle-income Americans — voters — figure out that they are the ones who will be paying for the Democrats’ national health care scheme.

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STEVE AND COKIE ROBERTS: Hunger hurts all Americans

OPINION: Cuts to food stamps will hurt those struggling to put food on the table

Most food stamp recipients are hard-working Americans, not the “welfare queens” that conservatives rail against.

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SUSAN STAMPER BROWN: Some liberal suggestions for the new year

OPINION: Some ways Democrats can move back toward the American mainstream

Things haven’t been going well for Democrats since the party’s liberal faction moved it too far left.

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KATHLEEN PARKER: With courage, Americans keep hope alive

America must regain our national imperative to do and be better

To preserve the American Dream, two resolutions come to mind: Denounce envy and resurrect the community standard.

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TOM PURCELL: Barack Obama channels Richard Nixon

OPINION: When your poll numbers are low, who are you gonna call?

When losing America’s trust, there’s no better expert for a president to consult than the spirit of Richard M. Nixon.

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Income inequality creates huge opportunity gaps

OPINION: Class divide is one of the biggest problems the United States is facing

The “affluenza” case in Texas in which a rich family’s teen son got probation and rehab for killing four people while driving drunk opened national discussion on economic inequality.

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