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MICHAEL REAGAN: Getting Hobby Lobby right

OPINION: Liberal hysteria followed the Supreme Court ruling

Hobby Lobby’s owners, and the owners of other businesses that supported them, weren’t seeking to deprive their 13,000 employees of all contraception coverage in their health plans, just certain kinds that they had religious and moral objections to.

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BYRON YORK: Democrats have hard time defending 'Koch amendment'

OPINION: A proposed 28th amendment would let Congress oversee campaign spending

Framed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid as a response to campaign spending by the conservative billionaire Koch brothers, the proposed amendment, written by Democratic Senators Tom Udall and Michael Bennet and co-sponsored by 42 other Senate Democrats, would vastly increase the power of Congress to control elections and political speech.

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E.J. DIONNE: Hobby Lobby decision expands corporate rights

OPINION: In one way, the decision was a small win for socialized medicine

It’s unfortunate that the Obama administration’s initial, parsimonious exemption for religious groups helped ignite the firestorm that led to the Hobby Lobby ruling.

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CAL THOMAS: Federalist papers are the DNA of America

OPINION: The Founders understood human natural had to be controlled

The growth, reach, and cost of big government is happening before our eyes and eroding our liberty, largely because too many Americans are not familiar with the brilliant system of government our Founders established.

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SOWELL: The spirit to fight back best birthday present for America

Birthdays are supposed to be times for celebration and gift-giving. But America’s upcoming birthday on the Fourth of July is a time when the gift most needed is an urgent warning about the dangers of losing the things that have made this country America — and have long made “America” a ringing word of freedom, not only in this country but to people around the world.

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E.J. DIONNE: Majority of Americans does not fit ideological political boxes

OPINION: There is no coherent middle party for those unhappy with left and right

Democrats’ prospects in November will depend largely on their ability to strengthen themselves among voters who are hurting economically.

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MICHAEL GERSON: The power of authenticity

OPINION: There are many ways to succeed in American politics, but most of them involve authenticity.

The implicit front-runners in the 2016 presidential race — Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush — are sometimes lumped together as candidates of the past, essentially the incumbents in the race. But if authenticity can trump incumbency, there is currently some distance between the two establishment options.

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JOE GANDELMAN: Reality complicated for Hillary Clinton

OPINIONS: Of the dueling narratives about Hillary Clinton, which is correct?

Political wildcards have destroyed prevailing media narratives before. Hillary Clinton started the 2008 campaign as the person to beat, but then Barack Obama came out of the blue. Can that happen again?

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Common sense a protection against sexual assault

OPINION: Many young feminists and their allie discount ways they have to protect themselves

Men have no right to women’s bodies, but that doesn’t mean young women shouldn’t do everything possible to stay out of harm’s way.

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CAL THOMAS: There is no denying climate change deniers

OPINION: The global warmers refuse to discuss, debate or even mention science questioning and disproving their theories

The nihilists are those who refuse to accept any scientific information that undermines their claim that the globe is warming and humans are responsible for it. Cults are like that.

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BYRON YORK: Not so quick on the so-called good news about Obamacare

OPINION: Almost nine out of 10 on Obamacare receive taxpayer-paid subsidies

The problem is, for those who are not eligible for subsidies, or for those eligible only for smaller subsidies, Obamacare still presents higher premiums, higher deductibles, and narrow networks of doctors and hospitals.

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TOM PURCELL: Eddie made the Fourth of July a blast

OPINION: There was no better place to celebrate Independence Day than in Eddie Gabors backyard

Eddie threw his last Fourth of July party in 1993, five years after my grandmother died. He died the following winter. Our sadness at the loss of both hit hard the next Fourth of July when we could no longer gather at Eddie’s to celebrate.

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E.J. DIONNE: The year of living negatively

OPINION: The GOP game plan for 2014 is do as little as possible

Since the party can’t agree to anything that would pass muster with President Obama and the Democratic Senate, it will bet that Obama’s low poll ratings will be enough for them to make gains in House races and could give them control of the Senate.

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MICHAEL GERSON: An arrogrant, lawless IRS

OPINION: If there was any political motivation for this abuse of power, it is a form of corruption

In recent congressional testimony, Koskinen admitted that the emails were irretrievably gone; that the “backup tapes” had been erased; and that Lerner’s hard drive was apparently destroyed in an aggressive act of recycling. With that settled, Koskinen expressed his “hope that the investigations … can be concluded in the very near future.”

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CYNTHIA TUCKER: Armchair hawks cling to Iraq fantasies

OPINION: Neocons refuse to acknowledge their disaster in Iraq

Before George W. Bush invaded Iraq, al-Qaida in Iraq was just a jihadist fantasy. Deposing Saddam Hussein — a sadistic tyrant, but the glue that held together that fractious country — allowed terrorists to bloom.

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