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Albany and Dougherty County industries recognized

The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission presents its annual top industry awards to four companies

Business and civic leaders from Albany and Dougherty County honored four businesses at the Economic Development Industry Awards on Wednesday.

Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission eyes future

EDC wants to extend its self-awareness campaign for Albany and Dougherty County

With Phase I of its communications plan under way, the Albany-Dougherty EDC is looking ahead to the second phase of its program.

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Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission releases 'Made in Albany' video

Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission's second video highlights manufacturing

The Albany-Dougherty EDC promotional video focusing on Albany industry and manufacturers is released during the week that the EDC observes Industry Celebration week.

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Gas pump price climb reaches 21st straight day

In Albany, motorists are spending 34 cents more per gallon for gas than they did in April 2013

Stronger consumer confidence combined with increased demand have resulted in three solid weeks of price gains at U.S. gas pumps.

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FTC asks for extension in Palmyra acquisition decision

FTC asks U.S. Middle District Judge Louis Sands for a 60-day extension for filing documents necessary for dismissing an order for preliminary injunction in Palmyra merger.

FTC asks for 60-day extension on Phoebe-Palmyra proposed acquisition agreement

ADICA dreams big on downtown development plan

Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority signs $300,000 downtown development deal

The Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority board says a $49 million downtown development plan is worth a $300,000 risk.

Southwest Georgia Briefs - April 9, 2014

Jefferson Street lane closure scheduled today

A public meeting on plans for Georgia rail will have its south Georgia meeting in Valdosta, and the Jimmy Carter Historic Site is gearing up to “Go Wild.”

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Tax filing deadline fast approaching

IRS offers tips to last-minute filers

The IRS has some last-minute tips for individuals still working to get their taxes filed by Tuesday’s deadline.

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Cable TV network location scouts visit Albany

ATL Locations scouts Albany area for potential television locations

Location scouts from Atlanta-based ATL Locations recently visited Albany looking for locations to film part of an upcoming television show.

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Albany City Commissioner B.J. Fletcher: Tax owners of dilapidated properties

Freshman Albany city commissioner’s comments generate animated business discussion

Albany City Commissioner B.J. Fletcher says property owners should be held accountable for not maintaining their properties.

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Families prepare for Easter traditions

There is more to Easter than chocolate bunnies

Modern Easter traditions blend of pagan and Christian practices.

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Business Portfolio - April 6, 2014

News about business people in Southwest Georgia

Jessica Lancer has joined Southwest Georgia Farm Credit as a Client Relations Specialist.

Department of Juvenile Justice plans career fair in Albany

State seeking veterans to fill fulltime jobs

The job fair is free and open to the public. Department of Juvenile Justice recruiters will be seeking candidates for jobs including administration, transportation, communications, probation, IT, engineering, counseling, maintenance and correctional officers.

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Metro Albany Kitchen Inspections April 6, 2014

These establishments were inspected by the Dougherty Environmental Health Offices March 31-April 3, 2014.

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Pest harms roots of pecan trees

Research in Tifton may lead to control methods

Prionous root borers, the larval stage of the beetle, damages pecan tree roots by depriving trees of essential water nutrients. This makes them vulnerable to heavy winds. The larvae can also move through the soil and feed on an irrigation system if they encounter a pipe between pecan roots.