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Renovations, new construction and technology top Dougherty, Lee school systems plans for 2015

DCSS is renovating two high schools while Lee County is building a 43,000 square foot multi-purpose center

Dougherty County School System moving toward elimination of textbooks while Lee County continued to upgrade its athletic facilities.

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OUTLOOK 2015: Locate South Georgia looks to fully promote all aspects of the region

Locate South Georgia comprises 20 communities across south Georgia

As many communities in southern Georgia continue to figure out ways to grow and attract new business and industry, a group of like-minded individuals from across the region have decided to pool their resources to form a newly christened Locate South Georgia initiative that will seek to use unity among a number of locations to present south Georgia as a great place to locate.

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Dougherty County leaders plan for employee pay raises

Officials say stagnant wages costing Dougherty County some of its most valuable employees

Dougherty County commissioners vow to find a way to increase county employees’ wages for the first time in more than five years.

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Transportation key to Lee County growth

Development of Lee's transportation system, and improving infrastructure and basic services are top priorities

While growth has slowed in Lee County, officials in the county are concentrating on finding new businesses and improving infrastucrure needs of residents and businesses.

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Infrastructure replacement, energy efficiency projects focus of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Marine base slated to meet Net Zero goal by 2017

With the biomass plant and landfill gas generators combined, MCLB officials are expecting to produce as much renewable energy as is used on the installation, thereby putting the base in Net Zero status three years ahead of the 2020 federal mandate.

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Phoebe Putney Health System focusing on building physician manpower in 2015

Building on critical care department, medical education priorities with health care industry changes in mind

Manpower is being invested in by potentially bringing in more slots to the Southwest Georgia Family Residency Program based at Phoebe that currently accommodates a total of 16 residents. Meanwhile, there are plans to build a medical student village for those doing Southwest Georgia rotations through the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University and the University of Georgia Pharmacy School.

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Michael Harris sees great potential for Albany business growth

McDonalds of Albany owner credits peer community for business growth

Albany business owner Michael Harris bristles when he hears negative talk about the community he’s made home and as the owner of a successful McDonald’s franchise he’s quick to point out that the local business community offers a lot of support and that entrepreneurs willing to put in the effort have the potential for success in the Good Life City.

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Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau brings jobs and income to region

CVB promotes area attractions, puts heads on Albany beds

Tourism in Dougherty County generates more than 2,000 jobs and brings in millions of dollars.

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Sherwood Christian Academy, Deerfield-Windsor School are in the midst of major construction projects

Sherwood is preparing to merge its up and lower schools into one campus while Deerfield is building an 8,000 sq ft. wellness center.

Sherwood Christian is busy laying the ground work for a campus merger while Deerfield-Windsor is working on a new wellness center

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Ponder Enterpises continues to expand

Ponder Enterprises adds 26th Hardees to family-owned franchise

Driven to emerge from the shadow of his own father, businessman, politician and newspaper owner Dan Ponder, along with the help of his brother Ernest Ponder, has built an award-winning Hardee’s franchise, which has helped him become Big Dan in his own right.

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Albany State, Darton State and Albany Tech gear up for 2015

Accreditations, new programs and new centers start the new year off right

Albany State University, Darton State College and Albany Technical College work at continuing to improve services to students in the area.

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Worth County to welcome Walmart soon

OUTLOOK 2014: Walmart is under contruction in the Worth County Industrial Complex

Wal-Mart will be opening in Sylvester later this year and while many point to job creation and tax benefits as reason for optimism, some local business owners are concerned about the impact of the retail giant on small business.

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CHRIS HARDY: What's in store for 2014

GUEST COMMENTARY: Chamber officials excited about two new programs this year

The Albany Area Chamber of Commerce plays somewhat of a different role in how it impacts the community.

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Albany tackles self image issue to grow new industry

OUTLOOK 2014: EDC shows residents why they should love their city

An EDC task force discovers an Albany self-image problem and sets out to correct it.

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'We Are Albany' campaign to arrive soon

OUTLOOK 2014: EDC set to unveil next phase of We Are Albany rebranding campaign

The Albany-Dougherty Economic Development Commission is excited this year to be unveiling the organization’s new re-brand of Albany.




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