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Renovations, new construction and technology top Dougherty, Lee school systems plans for 2015

DCSS is renovating two high schools while Lee County is building a 43,000 square foot multi-purpose center

Dougherty County School System moving toward elimination of textbooks while Lee County continued to upgrade its athletic facilities.

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OUTLOOK 2015: Locate South Georgia looks to fully promote all aspects of the region

Locate South Georgia comprises 20 communities across south Georgia

As many communities in southern Georgia continue to figure out ways to grow and attract new business and industry, a group of like-minded individuals from across the region have decided to pool their resources to form a newly christened Locate South Georgia initiative that will seek to use unity among a number of locations to present south Georgia as a great place to locate.

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Dougherty County leaders plan for employee pay raises

Officials say stagnant wages costing Dougherty County some of its most valuable employees

Dougherty County commissioners vow to find a way to increase county employees’ wages for the first time in more than five years.

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Transportation key to Lee County growth

Development of Lee's transportation system, and improving infrastructure and basic services are top priorities

While growth has slowed in Lee County, officials in the county are concentrating on finding new businesses and improving infrastucrure needs of residents and businesses.

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Infrastructure replacement, energy efficiency projects focus of Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany

Marine base slated to meet Net Zero goal by 2017

With the biomass plant and landfill gas generators combined, MCLB officials are expecting to produce as much renewable energy as is used on the installation, thereby putting the base in Net Zero status three years ahead of the 2020 federal mandate.

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ASU 'Cash Mob' helps downtown restaurant

A group of Albany State University students uses a unique strategy to boost sales at an Albany restaurant.

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Outlook 2013: Walmart impact a double-edged sword

The construction of a new Walmart complex in 2011 was the biggest new retail development in East Albany in decades.

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Outlook 2013: MCLB-Albany continues to go green

There are $22.7 million in projects currently underway at MCLB-Albany, many of which have been prompted by energy-efficiency efforts.

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Outlook 2013: Dougherty, Albany officials looking to get more lean

Budget cuts are the order of the day as city and county officials consider their Fiscal Year 2014 budgets.

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Outlook 2013: Albany Tech poised to offer associate of science in nursing in fall

Albany State University is exploring health care professions partnership with Georgia Regents University.

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Outlook 2013: Phoebe North's future taking shape

Bed capacity for the NICU is expected to be at least 20 percent greater at Phoebe North than it is now at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

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Outlook 2013: Phoebe strengthening regional presence

An emergency center overhaul at Phoebe Dorminy Medical Center in Fitzgerald is among the projects the Phoebe Putney Health System will be engaged in this year.

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Outlook 2013: Legislative agenda for 2013 is full

Business column

The Chamber of Commerce believes 2013 will be filled with great excitement and anticipation both within our own organization and within the business community.

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Outlook 2013: Georgia's economy expected to outpace national average

University of Georgia officials predict improved outlook statewide in 2013.

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Outlook 2013: Police officials use more technology in fight against crime

Various law enforcement agencies promise to protect and serve the community in 2013.

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Outlook 2013: Interim Dougherty School superintendent looking to shake things up

A new Lee County school set to open in August, which will add another middle school to the county.

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Outlook 2013: Ethnic restaurants beat survival odds

It takes hard work and a lot of hours to make it in the restaurant business, not to mention a full portion of good luck.

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Outlook 2013: Albany economy stable, facing challenges

Business column

When reviewing the economic prospects for the Albany area in 2013, they can be described as stable, but highly susceptible to market shocks. Referring to last year, despite seeing a Georgia economy finally growing at a faster rate than their regional counterparts, our area lagged. Despite Albany’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate falling from 10.1 percent to 9.5 percent over the last year, there was no net job growth in 2012.

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Outlook 2013: Deerfield looking to expand dual enrollment offerings with albany State University

Sherwood Christian set to begin an aggressive marketing campaign to increase the school’s enrollment.

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Outlook 2013: New tech trends to help raise tourism

The Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau uses application technology to bring tourists to the area.



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